Saturday, 7 September 2019

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Hired by the Single Dad is FREEEEEEE!

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"You fall in love with both Mark & Tori’s story but you truly fall in love with Mark’s son Gabe and learn so much about children on the spectrum and the daily struggle they have with the ordinary things you & I never give second thought to doing & how parents feel trying to do the very best for their special needs child."

"There is nothing like a book that sucks you in and doesn't let up until the last page. I discovered Whitley Cox about a year ago and she knows how to spin a tale with fabulous characters that you can't forget! I loved Tori and Mark's story, I loved how their story played out. Their attraction is so passionate and intense, you can feel the heat between them. Mark's friends in the single dad's club are awesomely represented and I didn't feel like they were just there to tease for future books. Thankfully, this is the start of a series as I fell in love with all these characters! 5 stars for Whitley Cox's Hired by the Single Dad!"

He needs someone to work with his son, she needs a job. They need to keep their hands to themselves.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other's backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Mark's story ...

Single Dad of Seattle Dr. Mark Herron can't believe anyone would celebrate their divorce. The dissolution of his marriage left him and his son with a huge hole to fill in their home--and their hearts. So when he overhears a lovely stranger and her friends celebrating the end of her marriage, he's mystified--and then intrigued--by her determination to put the past behind her. But when he learns that Tori Jones needs a job, he knows this can't be a coincidence.

Tori might be telling the world nothing's got her down, but the truth is she's hit rock bottom. Her husband didn't just cheat on her, he took all her money, including her college fund, which means her marriage is over, and so is her dream to go to grad school and help children with special needs. So when a handsome stranger offers her a job caring for his special needs son, she knows she can't turn it down--

Even if what she's feeling for Mark is far from professional.

Now Mark's finding it hard to keep his hands to himself and Tori's struggling to keep her thoughts from straying to dangerous territory. Will they be able to keep their distance from each other or will being hired by the sexy single dad be Tori's biggest problem of all?