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Quick & Reckless #xcerpt #billionaire #secretbaby #stepromance #bdsm coming July 29

Coming July 29th

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Quick & Reckless

Book 3, A Quick Billionaires Novel
A steamy secret baby, step romance.

Sometimes being reckless can be a step in the right direction. 

Abandoned at the altar, humiliated in front of everyone she knows, Silver Belle (save the stripper jokes, she’s heard them all), flees her wedding determined to erase her ex-fiance from her memory. There’s a soul-mate for everyone? What a joke: there’s obviously none for her. She’s done with love. Done with doing the right thing. So when she meets Warren McAllister, a heart-stopping, drool-worthy Australian, she throws caution—and propriety to the wind—and makes him an outrageous proposal.

Warren’s always up for a challenge, so when a beautiful stranger in a poufy white dress dares him to join her for a weekend of passion to erase her past, he’s more than willing to sign up. Sex is just sex, after all. Only saying goodbye is harder than he expected, and he can’t seem to forget her, even after heading back to Tahiti for work. So when he returns a year later for his mother’s wedding, he’s excited to see Silver, ready for another tryst—and possibly even more.

Though their fling only lasted three days, Warren changed Silver, helped her, healed her. And he captured her heart. However, now she has secrets. Big “baby-sized” secrets that could destroy any possibility of a future together. She can only hope Warren will forgive her.

A fun and flirty with a hint of the dirty excerpt

“So, you want to get drunk and have me spank you? Tie you to the bed?”
She glanced down the length of her body to find him staring at her, patiently waiting for her answer. But what surprised her more was how rapidly her chest rose and fell. Her breathing was labored, as if she’d just done a hundred jumping jacks. She was turned on, and not because his head was between her thighs—because he talked about spanking her, and the idea made her hot.
Her head bobbed in a nod before she could stop it. “Yeah, I do. I want to get a little drunk and have you tie me up and spank me. I really do.”
He swept up between her folds with the flat of his tongue, and she nearly kneed him in the skull from the tingle that ripped through her. She thought he was going to dive in and go to town, but instead he pushed himself up to his feet, leaving her lying there on the couch, exposed and with her engine running.
“Well, then, I best go order dinner then. What’s your poison? Tequila? Whiskey? Anything you can recommend to mix with root beer?” He strolled over to where his phone sat on the small wooden breakfast table in the kitchenette. “Please tell me you’re not one of those freaky weirdos that likes pineapple on their pizza. I might have to end this affair right now.”
Closing her robe and sitting up, Silver rolled her eyes. “I’m pretty much good with whatever. But no, if given the choice, I don’t order pineapple on my pizza. Why? What do you Aussies like on your pizza?”
He frowned and shrugged. “Same as anyone else: kangaroo meat, sprinkled with eucalyptus leaves, topped with wombat's cheese. And if you can get it, platypus venom as a sauce. Though that can be a bit hard to come by when they’re not in season.”
Silver tossed her head back and laughed. God, it felt good to laugh. She hadn’t thought about Trent and Candy in ages, and even when she did, her heart didn’t hurt nearly as much as it had, because Warren was there to lift her spirits and make her smile. “Platypus venom, eh? Something tells me it would be spicy.”
He nodded but didn’t bother to look up from his screen. “Kind of like wasabi. Burns your nose right quick but then fades fast. You okay with ham, cheese, egg and onion?”
She wrinkled her nose. “Egg? Like scrambled egg? On a pizza?”
He nodded again. “Yeah, it’s amazing. But they do a fried egg. Scrambled would just be weird. But I’m not seeing fried egg as an option. You think I could request it for more money?”
The idea of a fried egg on a pizza did not sound appealing. Not in the least. She was about to protest and offer up the alternative of green peppers or olives when she caught the reflection of herself in the big window. She was smiling. Warren made her smile. He made her happy. She’d embraced this quick and reckless tryst with open arms, knowing it was exactly what she needed to wipe the memory of Trent and Candy from her mind and start making new memories, start healing. He was introducing her to amazing new things. Shouldn’t she embrace it all? Including the weird pizza toppings?
She huddled up next to him and rested her cheek against his arm. “Sounds weird, but I trust you. If you can find a place that will crack an egg into the middle of a pizza, I’ll try it.”
His grin made her thighs slick and her heart lurch in her chest. “That’s my girl. I love that you’re so open and willing to try new things.” Then his gaze grew avid, and his eyelids dropped to half-mast. “We’re going to make the most of our last night together and try all sorts of new things.”
She clutched his arm. “I can’t wait.”

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