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#Hotdad #Xcerpt Available NOW! A Single Dad firefighter BDSM Rom-com #NSFW

He's a firefighter, he's hot, he's single, he's HOT DAD and he's here to save the day, win your heart and put out a few fires along the way.



Since the moment I laid eyes on her I’ve wanted her.
But I wasn’t ready.
The kids were my world and my wounds were still raw.
For six months, I watched her from afar. Dreamed of her, lusted after her, fantasized…
But all that’s about to change. I’m finally ready to take the plunge and start dating again. And now that I know she’s single, I’m going to do this right and win Harper. I want her mind, I want her body, I want her heart.
And when she gives me all access, no limits, I know she’s the one for me.

He’s the one we all call Hot Dad at playgroup. The one who makes my knees weak and my panties wet every time he walks through the door. We all eye-fuck the bejesus out of him, and dream of his tongue between our legs.
But my kid is my world, and I’m a frumpy mom with a hole in the bum of her yoga pants. What could he ever see in me? So when Sam calls out of the blue, I’m stunned.
Now if only the kids can stop cock-blocking us, and his psycho ex would go away.
He’s turned out to be a master Dom and I’m willing and eager to be taught how to be the perfect little submissive.


I was sitting up in Harper’s bed looking around her room. It was a nice room. On the smaller side, but she’d managed to keep the furniture sparse but tasteful to make the room seem bigger. All the furniture was bright white, done in that new shabby chic style that seemed to be sweeping the nation. And the colors reflected those of the living room, lots of yellows and turquoise and white. It was bright and cheery, just like her. She’d heard a noise from Carly’s room so had ducked out to check on her, as well as turn off the television and grab us some water. My head shook and I smiled. I couldn’t get the image of her bound and moaning on the edge of the bed out of my head. She was just so responsive. And fucking tight, holy hell was she ever tight. My cock stirred beneath the sheet at the thought of her pussy gripping it like a fist. All hot and wet and—
“What’s got you smiling like that?”
I popped my head up from where I’d been staring at the slowly rising tent over my johnson to flash her a big smile. “You.”
She blushed a hard red but hid it with a melodic hum. “Mmm.”
She climbed onto the bed, flashing me a bit of leg through the slit of her baby blue satin thigh-high robe as she kneeled beside me and handed me a glass of water. I thanked her. “I can’t stop myself from smiling when I think about you and … what we just did, either.”
She slipped off the robe and let it fall to the floor before snuggling up next to me.
Taking a sip of my water, I studied her for a moment. Her hair was all mussed up from having been forced against the bed in one fashion or another, her eyes bright but also showing signs of fatigue, and those heart-shaped pouty lips of hers were puffy and a tad bruised. I hoped she had bruises elsewhere, like the inside of her thighs and maybe some red welts or lines on her gorgeous ass.
Her eyes glanced down to where my cock was standing at full attention now beneath the covers.
“Again?” she asked, her eyelids drooping to half-mast.
I put my water glass on her nightstand, took her glass and did the same. She was beneath me in seconds. I smoothed the hair back from her face. “I promised you hard and fast, slow and gentle, then any way you wanted it. Didn’t I?”
That tongue. As it darted out and ran between the seam of her swollen lips, I lunged forward and sucked it into my mouth. I devoured her startled gasp as I kneed her legs apart and ground my erection against her mound. I knew I’d hit her clit when a cry broke free from her lips.
“C-condom,” she stammered as her head tilted back against the pillow and she closed her eyes and thrust up into me.
“Not yet. Slow and gentle, remember? I plan to savor you.” I nuzzled her neck, allowing my mouth to travel languidly around her collarbone and chest, dropping warm, wet kisses over her searing hot skin. It was so soft, she was so soft. Curvy and feminine but also fit and muscular. She was all woman. Dipping my head, I drew a hard nipple into my mouth and sucked.
She inhaled. “Yesssss,” she hissed. “Oh God. Green.”
I chuckled. Such a good little submissive.
Shifting the tight bud to my teeth, I tugged up harder, clamping down just enough to cause a flash of pain to roll through her. She whimpered, but she didn’t tell me to stop. She smelled incredible, like sweat and sex and Harper, just a hint of spiced ginger. I inhaled her scent and released her sensitive nub from my teeth, running my nose up her neck. Her pulse beat quickly. I nipped her earlobe.
“Sam … ” she whispered as she ran her fingernails down my back and gripped my ass cheeks. “What if I don’t want slow and gentle?”
“I told you, whatever you want is next. Save the best for last. But right now I want to take my sweet time with your body. I want to run my tongue over every inch.” My lips drifted across her cheeks, and I pecked her on the nose. Hovering above her, I looked down into her beautiful golden-brown eyes. She blinked up at me in wonder. Smiling, I pecked her nose again. “I’ve been curious to find out if you had anything else pierced.”
A sassy smile caught on her lips, and she dug her nails harder into my ass. I flexed the cheeks, and we both laughed.
“I’ve thought about getting my tongue done, but I chicken out every time they bring out that giant needle. And as far my nipples or the other place,” her eyebrows shot up nearly to her hairline, “yikes!”
I rocked against her clit, and she pushed her hips up to meet me. “I’ve heard a clit piercing can make sex all the more pleasurable.”
Like the bloody Flash, her hand snaked its way between us, and she tugged on my shaft. “You get the head of this sucker pierced and I’ll pierce my clit. Deal?”
I kissed her nose piercing again. “Ah, I think this little stud is just right. No need to go poking holes in things that don’t need them.”
Her giggle was warm against my cheek. “Chicken.”
I pinched her nipple until she squeaked. “I’ll show you who’s a chicken, woman.” I grabbed her by the elbows and hauled her arms over her head, pinning her hands into the pillows with one of mine. I held her there and gazed down. Pink bloomed on her cheeks and hunger swirled in her eyes. One hard kiss on her lips, and I dipped my head again and tugged a nipple into my mouth. Gently, but not without pressure, I scissored my teeth back and forth across her flesh. She sucked in air as she wriggled beneath me. Soft and feminine whimpers escaped her as I continued on with my torture. I kept her in place and worshiped her body with my mouth. Kisses and nibbles, licks and pecks. I raked my teeth across her ribs and under the gentle swell of her breasts until she bowed her back, shut her eyes, clenched her jaw and let out a growl of frustration as her hips pressed up to meet mine. I pulled away, lingering just above her.
“Too slow and gentle for your liking?”
“Yes,” she panted. “Sam … we’ve been cock-blocked so much, don’t waste time. You never know when Carly is going to wake up.”
She had a point. But I didn’t want it to all be over, either.
“Please, sir … fuck me?” She fluttered those damn eyelashes at me like some sexy little schoolgirl, and my cock grew longer and thicker against my stomach. I glanced down between us, and a drop of pre-cum beaded on the head of my dick. She followed my gaze. “Can I lick it off?”
Oh hell yes. Releasing her hands, I pulled her up so she was sitting. I leaned back on my heels and grabbed the base of my shaft.
“Suck it, baby. Suck it hard. I’ve thought of nothing but your lips wrapped around my cock since our phone sex date. I want to feel the real thing.”
With big wide doll eyes, she parted her lips, taking me to the back of her throat. And then she started to hum.
The woman was fucking humming.
Oh dear lord. 

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