Saturday, 10 February 2018

#Toplanaseduction #EmKayConnor #LoveMeHard How would you plan a seduction? Steamy excerpt from one of the dirty-minded authors in Love Me Hard. Only 3 more days until this book can hit your kindle. Are you ready?

Please welcome another one of the dirty-minded authors from the highly anticipated Valentine's boxed set, Love Me Hard

EmKay Connor


Coming February 13, 2018


Just one hour. That’s the promise billionaire Anthony Ferrari makes to himself when pressured by his younger sister to attend her latest fund-raising event. One hour and then he can retreat to his high-rise condo to spend the rest of the evening with his favorite companion—a tumbler of Glenfiddich 1937. But some promises are made to be broken. At least that’s what Anthony tells himself when his interest is hooked by an elegant redhead with a knack for disappearing.

Tiffany Delaney—just Delaney to her clients—has worked her ass off to earn a rep as one of the best event planners in New York City. Thanks to a last minute break when her competition flakes out on what promises to be one of the holiday season’s premiere events, her success is virtually guaranteed. Too bad about that policy she has on not mixing business and pleasure because a one-night stand with the super-hot guy in a tux who keeps trapping her in dark corners would be the perfect way to celebrate.

When Anthony discovers the mysterious woman he can’t stop fantasizing about is the city’s most in-demand event planner, he hires her to plan a perfect, over-the-top romantic Valentine’s Day evening for two. What Tiffany doesn’t know is that the dream date she’s planning is a scene for seduction…


It would be a cruel twist of fate to learn the woman he was genuinely interested in for the first time in months was married, engaged or steadily dating.

His balls tightened as he imagined what lay beneath her winter-white pantsuit. With her coloring—titian hair and indigo eyes—her skin would be creamy pale. Without closing his eyes, he could envision puckered petal-pink nipples darkening to a dusky rose as he sucked and nipped at them. He rubbed his fingertips over the pad of his thumb as he fantasized about caressing a downy patch of pale-gold pubic hair.

He guessed her height somewhere around five-ten. Despite that, and the self-assured way she moved, there was something waifish about her. He’d caught a glimmer of vulnerability in her eyes before they cooled to inky blue just before she strode away. Her exterior screamed calm, cool and collected, from the flawless French twist with not a single wayward strand to the tailored double-breasted jacket that fit as if cut exclusively for her. Her quick flashes of volatile emotion contradicted the image she presented.

That complexity would make her an outstanding lover. Shy and passive one moment, hot and demanding the next. Anthony almost groaned aloud, picturing himself flat on his back as she rode him, small breasts thrust upwards, fiery hair tumbling over her shoulders. The image fast-tracked blood to his cock, the engorged length throbbing in seconds.


EmKay Connor is the author of sexy, sassy contemporary romantic fiction infused with quirky humor and engaging characters. Her bright and breezy romances are set in tropical locations and glamorous destinations where her heroes and heroines discover passion and fall in love. Her manuscripts have finaled and won numerous contests, including Spring Into Romance, The Unpublished Beacon and RWA's prestigious Golden Heart. She lives and writes in northeastern Florida.



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