Sunday, 18 February 2018

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Today’s dirty word is…
Jessa Woods has made it her career to educate others about sexual health. Whether it’s simple techniques, exploring sexuality, or spicing up relationships, her radio show, Dirty Words, is a local go-to for all things sexy.
Her personal life, however, isn’t so hot. With a jam-packed schedule and her work first and foremost on her mind, Jessa has little time to date, and her best friend, Jen, fears she’s become cynical.
When Jen slips her iPad full of steamy romance novels in Jessa’s bag before her big trip to a radio show festival, Jessa is less than impressed. However, after scanning a few titles and really looking at what these books have to offer, she realizes she may have been too quick to judge. After all, what’s the harm in examining some of these tropes?
Enter Dylan Masters, the always sexy radio engineer, who offers to explore them with her. Jessa’s always had a thing for Dylan, but she’d never cross that line with a coworker, and more importantly, a friend.
Well, except for that one time at the company Christmas party…
When Dylan proposes a weekend of hot, no expectations sex, Jessa’s determined to take the advice she so often gives and let loose. But she soon realizes their time together could end in total disaster.
Or, she may just come face to face with the dirtiest word of all…love.

"Can I tell you something?"
"Of course."
"It's a"
Jessa brought her fingers down to her wet flesh and drew large, lazy circles around her clit. "Dylan? This might be the only time this ever happens, so I want you to make it count. Tell me what you want. How you want it. Use whatever language you like. Sexy, dirty, hell, be downright filthy. Whatever you do, don't be shy."
He lowered himself to his knees, crawling across the bed to her, and stopped just over her sex. "Spread your lips open for me."
Jessa did as instructed, using two fingers to spread her folds, shivering as she put everything on display for him.
"You have the sexiest pussy I've ever seen."
"So kiss it." She murmured, heat crawling down her cheeks to her neck and breasts. "Show me how badly you want my pussy."
Dylan didn't waste time. He grabbed her thighs in his hands and roughly pulled her toward him.
She would have winced from the way his fingers dug into her flesh if it hadn't felt so fucking good. So fucking right.
He leaned down and opened his mouth until it covered almost her entire sex, then started to suck.
She moaned and arched her back off the bed. She grabbed his hair between her fingers and pushed herself against his mouth. His wet tongue ran up her flesh, inside her, then to her clit again. He licked and sucked on her sensitive bundle of nerves, his hands having somewhere along the way found her breasts. He rolled her hard and aching nipples between his fingers, squeezing each time he bit down on her clit, sending jolts of sensation through every inch of her body.
"You have no idea, Jessa. No fucking idea how long I've wanted this sweet little pussy of yours. I swear to Christ, I dreamt of it every fucking night."
"Tell me," she moaned as she raced closer to her orgasm. They wouldn't be able to go back to the way things were after this, she knew they couldn't, but she didn't care. Not one little bit.
The air whooshed out of her body as he pulled away and grabbed her hips, then flipped her over to her stomach. She gasped as his hands closed around her thighs and hoisted her up until her ass was in the air.
"Spread your legs. Let me see every single part of you."
Jessa moaned into the bedspread as she pushed her knees further apart. The cold air tickled her wet, sensitive flesh, sending goosebumps up and down her body.
"Fuck, I've thought of this right here."
She felt his breath on her core as he spoke. Then along her cheeks, and finally, there.
"You can't know, Jessa. Can't really know." He ran his fingers over her smooth backside, then spread them wide.
Jessa let out a raspy scream into the sheets as his tongue ran along her ass. She pushed her hips backward with reckless abandon, and was rewarded by his moans as his tongue circled her sensitive skin.
"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuuuuck. The dirty things I've done to you in my head." He worked his fingers along her wet sex, then slid them inside, curling them so he hit her most sensitive spot. "The places I've tasted. The places I've fucked. And trust me, Jessa, I've fucked you every which way I can think of."

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