Thursday, 1 February 2018

#AmazonGiveaway Ain't a friendship, sweetheart. This here's love and it's fucking forever.

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“So now what?” I asked as we lay back in bed all tangled up in each other. His head was on my belly, and I was running my hands lightly up his spine.
“I dunno,” he replied nonchalantly, his own hand drawing provocative circles on my bare thigh. He kissed the small heart tattoo on my hip. “I’m not hungry. We just had a huge breakfast.”
“Yeah, me either,” I sighed, closing my eyes and leaning back against the headboard. “This is nice. We could just do this all day.”
I felt him smile against my stomach. His hand traveled up my thigh, wended its way across my pelvis and down between my legs. My belly stirred as I instinctively parted my thighs for his wandering hand.
“I might need some time to build up the troops again. I’m not twenty-one anymore,” he said, shifting down the bed so that he was now, once again, face first in my bush. “But I could eat you out all damn day.”
“Oh, Mr. Banks,” I sighed, sinking down into the covers and closing my eyes, “I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.
“Ain’t a friendship, sweetheart,” he replied after a delicious lick to my clit. “This here’s love, and it’s fucking forever.”

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