Wednesday, 27 December 2017

An excerpt that will get your chestnuts roasting without an open fire #agreasemonkeychristmas #cailinbriste

We all know how tradition describes Christmas as a time for family and friends. But sometimes that doesn't work out, unless fate steps in and turns strangers to friends to possibly more.

A Grease Monkey Christmas

By Cailin Briste

One of Fourteen Sensual
Seasonal Tales in

Seasonal Shenanigans

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Fate arranges the chance meeting of two strangers in need of a little kindness on Christmas Eve. Celebrity Davon Weider with his navy-blue eyes and muscular physique can fill the starring role in any woman’s fantasy. But Jasline, a spaceport mech, is more impressed by his five jump speed records. Until they drink some eggnog, decorate a tree, and share their mutual affection for cheesy Christmas movies. Then 

An excerpt that will get your chestnuts roasting without an open fire.

Davon was the first person to sympathize with her and demonstrate a negative reaction to her parents’ abandonment of her. It validated the anger she’d refused to acknowledge. She’d always justified her parents’ actions afraid of the guilt that would consume her if she admitted the fury she felt. How could she love her parents and hate them at the same time. Davon had managed to help her move forward with just the tone of his voice, making it plain he felt her parents had wronged her. A soothing balm had been applied to her broken heart. She was overwhelmed with a desire to repay Davon’s kindness. “You’re an amazing man, Davon Weider.”
She burrowed into his shoulder, a soft smile playing around her lips. He smelled so good. Her hand froze. She’d been drawing circles with her finger on his knee. Her libido sprang awake. The gorgeous and out-of-her-reach Davon Weider was holding her on his lap. Hands that held the controls of the ship that had set blistering jump records not once but five times were holding her hip and stroking her hair. His bare neck was an inch from her mouth. It would be easy to lean in and kiss the taut skin of his perfect throat. To trail her lips up to his ear and…
What am I thinking? He’s just being nice. You need to get off his lap now and stop swooning over him.
She straightened, easing from his embrace. “Anyway, they took their mice with them as part of their personal baggage. Um. Will you help me put the star on the tree?”
His voice husky, he said, “Yeah. Sure.” He brought his hands to the back of his head and stretched.
Jasline averted her gaze, shutting her eyes for a moment before plucking the iridescent glass star from an ornament tray. “Would you get a chair from the dining room?”
She mounted the chair with Davon insisting he hold onto her legs. To steady her, he’d said, but his hands touching her made her shaky. She placed the star on the top of the tree without the need to adjust or straighten it and clasped her hands on her hips. “Perfect.”
When she turned on the chair to climb down, Davon was staring at her, his eyes soft, lips slightly parted. Her breath caught. He raised his arms, caught her around the waist, and deposited her on the floor. Chin ducked to avoid eye contact, she said, “Thanks.”
Her heart thudding, she moved past him and picked up their eggnog glasses, handing his to him. She raised her glass and brought her gaze to his. “To Christmas.”
The slow smile that stretched his lips made Jasline’s knees go weak.

“And new friends,” he added, his voice full of languorous heat.
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