Friday, 1 December 2017

5 day sale! Grab Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1 for only 99cents!

Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1

Reduced to 99cents but only for 5 days!
Find out what people are saying about James and Emma's love story


"I just finished this book in 1 sitting. I was hooked from the first page. I enjoyed this uplifting romantic sexy loving book I can’t wait to read the next book of Janes and Emma getting their much deserved HEA. James is a dominant hot sexy man with Emma an equally sexy loving match. I couldn’t put this book down. I am reading the next book immediately. This book has everything I want in the romance I love to read." - Julie Hanks

 "He asks to have dinner with her she didn't think he would be asking her to have a sex only. When Emma tells James about her past he keeps himself closed off not letting her in. Emma confused after she'd bared her soul to him. What will happen when James starts to get jealous and controlling, Emma reminds him she will not stand for it. Once both confess their love can James open his heart fully to Emma. It's a great romance and love story with some really hot sexy scenes. Strong characters and great storyline."- Sally Jane

He was her addiction; she was his everything…
Emma Everly is ready for her happily ever after. James Shaw doesn’t know happiness. But Emma knows that there is more to the brilliant and sexy millionaire project developer. Yearning to experience the world of pleasure that James is offering her, with no strings and no future, Emma agrees to the parameters of his proposition. No love, just sex  —and lots of it. After only one weekend, Emma feels her heart begin to bind to the man, and she knows she needs more, only James’ walls are up and he remains guarded and distant. He’s hiding something. As Emma falls hard and fast, into his intoxicating world of sex and passion, she fears that her own checkered past and James’ secrets may be what’s keeping their happily ever after just beyond their grasp.

NSFW Excerpt to whet your appetite. 
“How far to the golf club?”
“About twenty minutes. Dinner is at eight, so we’ll be there just after seven. Time for a bit of mingling and champagne and then we’ll sit down to eat. Are you hungry?”
“Not for food.” I bit my lip and eyed him coyly beneath my lashes.
He turned his head quickly with a flash of surprise, his blue eyes flaring in the shadows of the intermittent street lights as a smile the size of Jupiter took over his features.
I loosened my seatbelt and leaned over the center console searching for the zipper on his pants. He was already getting hard, his cock like an iron bar as I pulled him out of his trousers and started gently kissing the tip. He moaned and adjusted himself in the seat so that I could get easier access. I took him in my mouth and immediately started to deep throat.
“Oh fuck, yeah,” he growled.
There wasn’t a lot of room between his lap and the steering wheel for me to get my head and arm in there, so I couldn’t use my hand effectively to help pump, I was forced to rely entirely on my mouth to do the job. Swirling my tongue around his shaft, I bobbed my head up and down in his lap, hollowing out my cheeks and sucking. I grazed him with my teeth, and he inhaled quickly. I paused.
“No, I like the teeth.”
He couldn’t really thrust into my mouth and establish a pattern because of his seatbelt, leaving him completely at my mercy. I had all the power, and I loved it. He tried to put his hand on my head and push me to take him deeper, but the car was manual, and he had to change gears. But, I took the hint and started to deep throat again; ramming him all the way into my mouth until I could feel him knocking my tonsils.
“That’s right baby, suck it, suck it hard. God, you give great head. Oh fuck,” he panted. “I’m going to come.”
“Mmmmm,” I hummed, picking up my pace and sucking him harder, letting the rumble of my hum travel through him, tingling his sensitive crown.
James exploded inside my mouth seconds later, shooting semen into the back of my throat in thick warm spurts. I swallowed as fast as I could, knowing that the sensation of swallowing heightened the pleasure of his release. I licked him clean and dotted kisses along his length and around the head as he trembled with the aftershocks before tucking himself back into his pants. I sat up and adjusted my seatbelt and dress, avoiding his gaze and trying to hide how pleased with myself I was.

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