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Winning sometimes takes losing control. Please, welcome Marcia James. Her book, Love Unleashed is featured in the Sultry Night Boxed Set.

With the help of a tiny dog, Ron Hart plans to win back his ex-lover, Cara Wilson. Together they'll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.


His best laid plans...DJ “Rabid Ron” Hart has a grand scheme to win back the woman he loves. It involves an animal adoption fair, a goofy hairless dog named Charlie and an offer she can’t refuse.
Her hidden desires...Cara Wilson has fantasies she’s never admitted, and her ex-boyfriend still features in her erotic dreams. If only he didn’t keep his bad-boy urges so tightly leashed.
Tonight they’ll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.

Coming November 7th

Dirty, dirty excerpt

Ron bit back a groan. He struggled for control as she pressed him back against the wall, using her body to massage his traitorous cock through his clothes. Was this her payback? Was Cara going to take him to the edge of orgasm and then walk out? Or would she drive him into embarrassing himself, climaxing in his pants like a hair-trigger kid about to get his first blow-job?
            He reversed their positions, carefully trapping her between his body and the wall. Her breath hitched, then quickened, the movement brushing her hardened nipples against his chest. God almighty. If she was teasing him as punishment for the spanking, it was clearly pushing her buttons as well as his. Her fingers ran over his shirt, stroking, then sliding down his abs toward his pants. Groaning, he caught her wrists and pressed them to the wall beside her shoulders. If he didn't stop those talented fingers, he'd never maintain the upper hand.
            Her eyes were dark with longing, and he remembered her skin pinkening with excitement just like this before she came. His body arched toward hers, wanting to be skin-to-skin with her, needing to be inside her again.
            “Cara.” His voice was so ragged he barely recognized it. “I’ll give you one more chance to leave. When I let go of your hands, if you don’t walk out of here, I swear I’m going to fuck you till you scream.”
            She gasped, her beautiful eyes widening, and her pulse fluttered under his fingers. But the last thing she looked was scared. Finding the strength somewhere, he slowly straightened until their bodies were no longer touching. Then he dropped her hands.
            Instead of running away, she stood on tiptoe, slid her arms around his neck, and brought his mouth to hers. After months of longing for her, the contact was shocking, as if he'd touched one of his station’s poorly grounded speakers with his tongue. And, God help him, he wanted more.
            Taking over the kiss, he deepened it, exploring and relishing with every sweep of his tongue. Cara tasted so good, so right, and he knew no matter how much he'd tried, he’d never stopped loving her. He wanted to carry her to bed, slowly stroke and lick her, and make love until dawn. Boring. He remembered her earlier comments and vowed tonight would be anything but boring.
            Ron pulled away, gratified when she made a noise of protest. Wet from his mouth, her lips were slightly swollen, and she ran her tongue across them as if savoring his flavor. Her eyes opened slowly, and the look she gave him was dazed. Before she could speak, he spun her around so she faced the wall, pulling her hands over her head and holding them in place with one of his.
            “You were warned.” He brushed his lips against her left ear, enjoying her shiver. “Your body is mine tonight, and I’m taking you every way a woman can be fucked.” At his crude words, her breathing grew erratic. His little temptress obviously liked dirty talk. Ron grinned. He was going to drive her as wild as she made him. Tonight he’d live up to his “Rabid Ron” DJ handle.
With his free hand, he yanked her t-shirt out of her jeans. “I’m going to touch and bite and suck every inch of you. And I won’t be gentle, Cara.” He slid his fingers up under the shirt until he reached the front of her bra. He popped open the clasp and smoothed his palm across her delicate breasts. Then he captured one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed.
            Cara gave a strangled gasp, arching her back and pressing her sweet ass into his crotch. But she didn’t complain, so he pinched her again as he bit her nape.
            “Ron.” She called his name in a low, pleading moan as she writhed against him. “Now. Please.”
            “You're not in charge tonight, baby.” He let go of her hands and tugged off her t-shirt and bra, baring her from the waist up. As much as he wanted to feast on those gorgeous breasts, he kept her facing away from him. Placing her palms flat on the wall above her head, he ordered her to keep them there. And Cara obeyed.
            “Good girl,” he praised. “I wouldn’t want to have to spank you again so soon.” Then he quickly dragged off his own t-shirt and curled his body over her warm back, letting the ridge of his erection slide against the soft globes of her bottom. For a long moment, he reveled in the softness of her skin and the caress of her long braid against his chest. With her strawberry-blonde hair pulled back like that, her sensitive ears and long neck were exposed. Perfect.

About Marcia

Marcia James finaled in eleven Romance Writers of America contests before selling her first contemporary romance. Her releases include Sex & the Single Therapist(the first in a comic romantic mystery series) and the "Klein's K-9s Service Dogs" contemporary romance series. A national and international ebook bestseller, she writes hot, humorous romances featuring heroines you can root for, heroes to die for, and funny dogs.  In her eclectic career, Marcia has shot submarine training videos, organized celebrity-filled nonprofit events and had her wedding covered by People Magazine. After years of dealing with such sexy topics as how to safely install traffic lights, she is enjoying “researching” and plotting her novels' steamy love scenes with her husband and hero of many years.

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