Saturday, 21 October 2017

Winter is coming...and it's going to be a HOT one! It's the Season of Seduction, are you ready?

Winter is coming...and it's going to be a HOT one!

Only 30 days until this sexy winter set hits your e-reader and hits it hard.

Featuring my sexy stand-alone novel

Snowed In & Set Up

Christmas, a time when dreams come true, finds six lonely singles tricked into spending the holiday in a romantic cabin in the heart of Washington's snowy Snoqualmie Pass.

Dr. Will Colson, an ornery, overworked ER doctor, longs to get away and ignore the holiday, and Amber Roth, a feisty contractor with a chip on her shoulder, has a secret she’s kept for much too long. Then there’s Rowan Briggs, a talented chef who doesn’t know when to shut his trap, and brilliant author Juniper Davis, who's almost given up on love. Entrepreneur Hunter Kingsley simply wants to fill her empty heart and go on an adventure, and finally, there’s Austin Masters, the nerdy scientist with a penchant for fire and a bumbling awkwardness that always lands him in a tight spot.

Sparks fly and secrets are revealed during their five days together, but it's more than holiday whimsy and the spirit of the season that have their hearts aflutter. This year, Christmas magic—and sizzling attraction—might lead them to their true love, who could be right in front of them, standing beneath the mistletoe.


“Maybe we should try the door?” Amber suggested, elbowing her way forward and trying the knob. It swung forward, and the smell of cloves, oranges, pine tree and cinnamon hit her in the face like a roundhouse kick. She took a quick inhale and smiled.
It was the smell of Christmas.
“Do we go in?” Austin asked behind her. Hesitation colored his tone.
Amber shifted foot to foot, that sudden feeling of being a part of some horrible prank or a Christmas horror film creeping its way up her spine. Was a psychopathic man in a cheap velour jumpsuit and scraggly Santa beard going to come murder them all in their sleep with an ax? Chanting “HO, HO, HO!” as he hacked off their limbs?
Will moved forward into the house, his big frame taking up the entire doorway. “May as well. Maybe they ran back into town for supplies. Or they’re out skiing. Let’s check for a note or something.”
Everyone nodded, a series of murmurs both for and against the idea of wandering into the empty house filling the air, along with the shuffle and stomp of heavy boots and bags being brought across the threshold.
“Here’s a note!” Amber announced.
“What’s it say?” Juney asked.
“It says, ‘Hit Play.’ What the hell? Hit play where?”
“Here,” Will said, holding up the remote for the big-screen television mounted above the beautiful fireplace.
“So, hit play, then,” Rowan said, letting his bags clunk to the ground and wandering over to stand behind the couch, his trusty knife kit tucked under his arm as if it might suddenly jump up and run away. Everyone spread themselves out around the room, some sitting, some standing.
It was an enormous space, with plush dark brown leather furniture, cream shaggy rugs, green-and brick-colored tapestries and dark stained logs. But despite all the darkness, the big picture window next to the ten-foot-tall tree decorated in red, white and gold let in so much light, the place seemed massive and bright.
Will pointed the remote, and the television flashed to life.
“Hi, guys!” It was Daisy. “You’re probably wondering what the hell is going on. Well . . . I have a little confession to make: Riley and I won’t be joining you this week. Sorry.”
“What the fuck?” Rowan blurted.
“See . . . I’m a matchmaker. Like literally. I do it for a living, you all know that. Daisy’s Chain Attraction Match-Making Service is how Riley and I are able to afford the four-week Caribbean catamaran cruise we’re on right now. But in the spirit of the season, I decided to play matchmaker for free for some of our nearest and dearest friends. You’re all single, you’re all lonely, and you all are incredible people. I wouldn’t have invited you up if you were subpar. No, Daisy’s Chain Attraction only matches the best with the best.”
Rowan snorted.
Austin gulped.
Will made a manly noise in his throat that Amber couldn’t quite put her finger on.
“You’ve all been carefully selected, put through my computer, and your perfect match is here.” Wary and intrigued gazes drifted around the room, sizing one another up. Wondering, hoping, fantasizing. “But . . . ” Daisy raised one crimson painted nail in the air. “I’m not going to tell you who you’ve been matched with. That’s up to you to figure out.”
“You can’t be serious?” Amber muttered under her breath.
“Amber, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. You’re probably getting ready to leave. Well, why do you think I had you take a shuttle? Give it a week. Enjoy the cabin, go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing. Just get to know one another. The fridge is stocked, there’s lots to drink, and you even have a doctor on site in case one of you sprains an ankle. Right, Will?”
They all turned to look at the big doctor with the bright white smile, but he wasn’t in his spot. The sound of ice being cracked free of the tray drew everyone’s eyes. Will started pouring scotch into six glasses.
“If you don’t find love,” Daisy went on, “well, so be it. But my algorithm has resulted in over thirty marriages, nineteen babies, and that was only in the first two years.”
“She never said how many failed matches,” Rowan added snidely.
“I have an eighty-seven percent success rate, Rowan, the eternal pessimist.”
Rowan spun around. “Fuck, is she here? Does she have hidden cameras somewhere? Are we on a nanny cam?”
“You’re not on a nanny cam, don’t worry. I just know you all very well and know who’s cynical and who’s not.”
“Well, fuck,” Rowan grumbled under his breath.
“Now, have a holly jolly Christmas, enjoy getting to know one another, and . . . here’s hoping you get some use out of that mistletoe. Merry Christmas, everyone. The shuttle will be back to pick you up at noon on December 28th.”
The screen went black.

The sound of ice rattling around in glasses caused heads to swivel toward the noise. Will wandered back into the living room, his arms bogged down with a tray. “Who wants a drink?”

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