Monday, 9 October 2017

Please welcome fellow author, Tuesday Embers. Her book Unraveling Molly is another one of the steamy reads featured in Sultry Nights


Molly Luco’s life isn’t what she had hoped for. Taking care of her abusive brother is just one of the many things threatening to hold her back. When a man from her past comes back into her world, Molly realizes that her carefully constructed mess might quickly become unraveled.


He touched her nose, and then ran his finger down to her chin. He traced the slope of her neck, reveling in how easily her body arched for him. A shiver ran through him as goosebumps broke out on her skin at his touch. “Just relax,” he cooed, leaning down toward her. His arm snaked under her back, elevating her torso so he could kiss her at a more perfect angle. Cradling her did nothing to erase the age difference, but it did cocoon her in his scent.
Liam’s lips brushed against Molly’s to test their want for him. When he sealed the kiss, her need was clear. Her mouth moved with his in a slow rhythm that melted them both with its tenderness and desire.
Liam could not recall his first kiss with much accuracy. It was more than seventeen years ago when he began collecting the seasoned experience that made Molly gasp in breathless wonder at the world she had been missing.
He would show her. He vowed that he would make her first kiss a thing to be remembered until she was old and gray. If her memories slipped from her aged mind, he made sure that would be the last remembrance to go.

Author Bio: 

Tuesday lives in Michigan, where unicorns are too snobby to make an appearance. She enjoys dandelions, cupcakes and the occasional trip overseas. She also writes fantasy fiction under the name Mary E. Twomey.

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Twitter: @shesleepssoftly

Coming November 7th

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