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Please welcome, Ember Leigh. One of twenty fantastic authors in the Season of Seduction boxed set. Find out what her Little Secret is.

Focus is my middle name. But Sadie makes me forget why I’m in town, what I’m here to win, why it all matters. That alone should tell me to stay the hell away. But I need more of her, even though I know she’s hiding something from me.
I’ll do anything to keep her by my side. Just how far I’ll go will be my little secret.
I’ve had my eye on Hawk for a long time now. Let’s just call him my MMA celebrity dream lover. So when I find myself in Denver at the same time as him, at the same bar as him…I have to say hi. But I sure as hell shouldn’t take it any farther than that. Because he’s in town for one reason: to fight my brother in the biggest televised MMA match of the year.
I can be good… Except I can’t.
But maybe I can make Hawk my little secret.

Dirty Excerpt 

Giggles escaped me, and I hooked my ankles behind his back. The move made something dark cross his face, and he lowered on top of me, resuming his position in the valley of my breasts.
“So I passed the test?” His fingers crept up beneath my shirt, swirling lightly at the skin of my belly. A shiver coursed through me so hard I couldn’t speak for a moment.
“With flying colors.”
“Can I see what’s under here?” He pushed his hands up over the curve of my waist. I nodded, and he pushed the shirt up over my breasts, revealing my very plain and practical taupe bra.
“Don’t act like you’re impressed.” I sat up to tear my shirt off and toss it aside. “This is the plainest bra you’ve ever seen.”
“I don’t care about the bra.” His fingers made scorching trails over the bottom curve of my breast, just below the underwire. “Why would I care about the bra when it’s holding these?”
His big, rough hands covered both of my breasts, gave them a gentle squeeze. His knuckles were scraped, probably from beating the shit out of people.
“You want to see them?”
“More than anything.”
“Five bucks.”
A smile crested his face. “You should charge way more than that, babe.”
Freaking Hawk called me babe. A gush of moisture reached my panties. He slid my straps off each shoulder and then tugged the cups down. My breasts popped out, splaying instantly to the side. Damn gravity. I was almost embarrassed, until Hawk nuzzled each one in turn, moaning appreciatively.
“Damn, Sadie.”
My eyes fluttered shut, and I collapsed against the bed, inhaling sharply as he lavished attention over each breast, kissing and suckling and nuzzling each nipple, until I thought I might come undone just from that alone.
Hawk shifted on top of me, pressing his groin right against mine. The ridge of his cock nestled between my spread legs, pressing against just the right point. A gravely moan escaped me. Holy hell. This was happening.
“Mmmm.” He rolled his hips in a slow circle on top of me. “You like that?”
“More than I can even explain.” I hooked my arms around his thick neck, enjoying the flex of his biceps as he propped himself up to look at me.
“I gotta feel you, babe.” He pushed back and then hopped off the bed, tearing his V-neck off, revealing washboard and all. My breath hitched—dime-sized nipples framed by sparse black chest hair, perfectly defined pecs, abs that deserved their own exhibit in a museum. Tattoos stretched over his ribcage, arching inked patterns that demanded my attention but I couldn’t give it, not when there was so much left to touch and kiss. Something about Hawk felt a lot like finally visiting the Sistine Chapel after only seeing it on TV. Close to a sinfully delicious religious experience.
“Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea,” I breathed, eyes riveted to his crotch as he pushed his jeans down, revealing skintight black boxers. It prompted me to get naked too. “Feel me up. Feel me over. Feel me sideways.” I pulled my bra off, and then shimmied out of my leggings. Left in only my panties, I watched as he fisted the delicious ridge of his cock through his boxers.
He groaned. “This is hard.”
“No shit.” I nodded toward his crotch, and he grabbed me by the hips, pulling me toward him in a quick movement. I giggled, and then suddenly I was in his arms, his fingers biting into the flesh of my ass cheeks, my ankles locking behind him.
“Nice.” He nuzzled my breasts again, then spun around to sit on the bed so I straddled him. I nestled into place, his cock lining up with the crease of my pussy.
“Ohhh my god.” An unearthly moan escaped my lips as I rocked back and forth over his cock. “It’s a little more than nice.”
He matched my movements from below, the two of us beginning a jerky dry hump. He squeezed his arms tighter around me, smooshing my breasts into his shoulder.
“Can I?” His fingers tugged at my panty line. I nodded. He pushed his fingertips underneath the soaked fabric, capturing my clit between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it between his fingers, his gaze intense on me as powerful waves of pleasure wracked my body.
“Fuuuuck.” My head lolled back as he slipped his fingers back and forth over the tight nub, switching from soft to slow to fast and back again. His breath came out in short pants near my shoulder.
“You don’t know how bad I want to slip inside here.” He pressed a finger against my entrance and then plunged it deep inside me. I groaned, tensing around his finger, the thought “Freaking Hawk is inside me” running through my head like a marquee. “Push myself in until I’m buried inside you.”
I whimpered, rocking against his hand. “You keep talking like that and I’ll come right now.”
“Mmm. I want to see you come Sadie.” He pushed his finger in and then drew it out again, languorous motions that provoked more than they sated. His thumb knocked against my clit on each long draw.
I sucked at my teeth, needing more from him. He was teasing me too well. I bucked against him. “Please, Hawk.”
He slipped another finger inside me, which eased some of the desperation. He pumped them in and out, a little faster, nudging me toward the precipice I was already dangling off of.
With his free hand he cupped a breast, tweaking a nipple. A yelp escaped me—I loved having my nipples tweaked, but especially like this. He grinned devilishly, pinching the other nipple, his fingers keeping a steady rhythm inside me. I moaned low. I couldn’t even fucking believe it. I wasn’t even technically naked, and I was about to orgasm all over Hawk.
“Come on, babe.” He swooped down, capturing a nipple between his teeth. That did it. I screamed, my muscles contracting around his fingers as my pussy prepared for the explosion. Warmth seeped through me, and then the waves of sticky, consuming pleasure rocketed through my body. I pinched my eyes shut, my mind going bright and black at the same time, the whole world shrinking to focus on this blinding bliss I’d found at the hands of Hawk, literally.
I rocked against him as I came down, finding him beaming and sweaty beneath me.
“Damn, girl.” His voice came out cocky smooth, and it stole the last of my strength. I collapsed against him, pressing my forehead against the warm steel of his chest.
“Ungh.” I took measured breaths, trying to regain a grip on this world. Orgasms like that shouldn’t be legal. I’d launched into a different dimension entirely.
He shifted beneath me, the thick ridge of his cock nudging against my pulsing clit. I whimpered, my hand drifting between his legs.
“It’s not fair,” I whispered. “For you, I mean.”

Author Bio
Ember Leigh has been writing erotic romance novels since she was far too young. A native of northern Ohio, she currently resides near Lake Erie with her Argentinean husband, where they run an Argentinian-American food truck. In addition to romance novels, Ember also writes travel memoirs and occasionally updates a couple of blogs. In her free time, she practices Ashtanga yoga, hops around the world, and eats lots of vegetables.

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