Monday, 2 October 2017

It's LIVE! Last day to grab all 5 for the price of 2! 4-Day SALE!

5 books for the price of 2

Love, passion, sex, heat, power, and hunger. It's all here in one hot and filthy boxed set. The first four books of the Dark and Damaged Hearts Series with one extra dirty honeymoon novel. Indulge in the passionate love stories of two dominant millionaires and the women who won their hearts. Whatever your preference, be it a sexy nerd with a penchant for comic books and exhibitionism, or a broody alpha who knows how to make a woman drop to her knees, this series is for you.  

Book 1 -Love, Passion and Power: Part 1
Book 2- Love, Passion and Power: Part 2
Book 3- Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1
Book 4- Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2
BONUS BOOK -- Book 4.5- Hot and Filthy: The Honeymoon

Have you met Justin or James, yet?


Check out these excerpts to get to know the alphas.

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1 & 2

 I put my hands against his chest and pushed him towards the big leather couch in the middle of the office. He fell with a light thud, and I knelt up on the sofa and straddled him. I linked my hands around the back of his neck and started to play with the hair that brushed his nape. He leaned his head forward and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath and nuzzling his nose between my breasts.
            “Mmmm.” His hum a delightful buzz against my skin. “My favorite place. But it would seem these buttons are in the way.” I smiled as he lifted his head and brought his fingers around from behind my back and began unbuttoning my blouse. “You have beautiful tits.” He pushed my bra cup down and latched a perky nipple into his moist, warm mouth. I inhaled at the soft bite of pain, which quickly melted into a pool of pleasure deep in my abdomen.     
I pouted softly. “Really? You don’t think they’re a little on the small side? I’d love to be just one cup bigger, a nice C — a handful. They look more like I had an allergic reaction to two well-placed bee stings.”
            He lifted his head and opened his eyes; they were hooded and glassy with lust. “Your breasts are perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. And I certainly won’t fund any augmentation, don’t even think about it.” A stern look crossed his face. “I love them. Just…” He gently bit a nipple. “The way…” He bit the other one. “They…” Then he kissed the small swell of my breast. “Are!” And he kissed the other swell. “Now, you really didn’t dress appropriately for an afternoon quickie, did you? Shorts? How the hell am I supposed to get all up in your business inconspicuously?” He pulled at the waistband of my gray dress shorts.
            “Life isn’t as convenient as TV makes it out to be. Sometimes you actually have to take your clothes off to get busy, not just hike things up, unzip and move some underwear to the side,” I joked as I stood up and began to provocatively unbuttoned my pleated shorts, making sure to leave the black pumps on, just for good measure. I was wearing a hot pink lace thong, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw it.
            “Are these new?” he asked dipping a finger into the waist and pulling me close, so I straddled him again.
            “Ah, just a little something I found the other day while shopping with Lex.”
His hands came up, and he pushed my blouse off my shoulders letting it float to the ground. My bra was next, a plain white cotton number that added a bit of sex appeal but not a trashy look when beneath my blouse. It joined my shirt in a heap on the floor leaving me almost completely naked in his office. My thighs were on either side of his muscular legs and his ever-present erection pressed demandingly at my core. I rocked my hips into his, and a low and feral moan echoed through his body.
“So it would seem we have fixed the clothing situation on my end, but… ah —” He pressed his cock against me, and a sudden rush of pleasure ran through me. “You, Mr. Williams, you are not properly dressed for an afternoon quickie.”
 I loosened his tie and unbuttoned the first three buttons of his white dress shirt. Pulling the hem loose from his pants I slid my hands beneath the fabric so I could run my fingers along his growing abs. He loved it when I grazed my fingernails along his skin. I was forever being asked for back-scratches. I finished off the buttons and let the shirt fall open.
His eyes closed and his head lolled back against the headrest and to the side while a small smile danced across his lips. I made quick work of his belt and zipper and, with a small smile at the Batman boxers, I released his engorged length. It sprang free and rested against his belly with an audible thwack, a pearly bead of pre-cum already glistening on the dark purple crown.
 I was already sopping wet, the sheer anticipation of it all was enough to get my engine going, but before I could lift up and position myself on top of Justin, he dipped a finger between my folds and pushed my underwear to the side. Two fingers found their way inside me while his thumb pressed and drew delightful little circles around my already swollen clit.
I began to ride his fingers as they pumped in and out. It took no time at all before I was dangling by a thread at the top of the pinnacle and ready to come. I swatted his hand away and lifted up while he fished around in his pocket for a condom. Deftly he ripped the foil and removed it from the package, sliding it on in seconds.
I used the back of the couch for leverage and rhythmically rode him. His hands came up and he cupped my breasts, gently kneading them, pulling at the nipples until they were tight, achy, red buds before sucking and biting down with his teeth. I rode him hard, deepening each thrust and taking him to the root, he cupped my butt and urged me to go faster. His pubic bone grazed my clit and sent another surge of pleasure through my body.
I was close, damn close. 


Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1 & 2

Later that night as we climbed into bed I struggled to tame the giddy feeling that was bubbling up inside of me and a giggle — much too girlie for my liking — burst free as I turned down the sheets.
            “What was that about?” James asked with his own laugh. “You okay? Female hysteria?”
            I rolled my eyes. “No… I uh… I kind of bought something today… for us.”
            “Yeah? Something kinky?”
            I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Perhaps.”
            “Oh, do tell.”
            I opened the nightstand drawer and pulled free an impressive piece of bedroom equipment. A big purple vibrator with a vibrating head and a silicon bunny at the base for that extra bit of much-appreciated stimulation. James’ eyes went wide with excitement.
            “Miss Everly!”
            I bit my lip again. “I dunno… last night was so much fun… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all day. So I ducked out on my lunch hour and walked a couple of blocks up to the sex toy store on Douglas Street. What do you think?”
            “I think I want to fuck you in the ass with my cock and your pussy with that big purple beast. Does it have a name?”
            I giggled again, this time much less girlie and more the sultry vixen —  or so I hoped. “The Thump-her 3000.”
            “The Thump-her 3000, eh?”
            Nodding, I slid onto the bed on my knees, turning on the vibrator and watching as the purple head started to rotate around and around.
            “Oh, baby…” James purred.
            And then before I knew it I was on my back, and James was straddling my chest. “Open up, sweetheart,” he said, his boxers pulled down as he angled himself towards my mouth.
            I gave him a challenging quirked eyebrow. “What no foreplay, not even a kiss first? Wow, way to take the seduction right out of the equation, Shaw.”
I was mostly playing, but a part of me was a little peeved that he hadn’t even kissed me before expecting me to go down on him. His face fell, and then in another blink, he was covering my body, and his lips were crushing mine, his tongue demanding access into my mouth while his hands roamed across my chest, up my neck, and into my hair. I smiled against his lips, yes, this was what I wanted. Always James’ kisses. Always.
            Inevitably, I grew hungry for more, for that cock that had been pressed against my lips and was now ramming itself against my hip as James ground his pelvis into me. I pushed him away, encouraging him to scoot back up.
I sucked him greedily, bent my neck forward, stroked with my hand and pulled at his hardening flesh with my lips, reveling in the gasps and sudden inhalations of his breath as I nipped at the soft head.
“That’s right baby, take it all. I love fucking your greedy little mouth.”
I hummed in delight from the praise, loving how easily I managed to drive him insane. My cleft grew wetter by the second as I continued to suck and lick, the rest of my body humming with the need for him, craving and desperate for his touch elsewhere.
“All right, that’s enough,” he said just a few minutes later, pulling his cock from my mouth with a loud pop.
He slid down my body to where my legs were squeezing together, aching for pressure and friction. Pushing them apart, he bent his head low and began blowing cool air onto my swollen core. I bucked into his face immediately, whining and whimpering at the onslaught of pleasure that came from the sight of his dark hair bobbing between my legs; from the way his magnificent tongue lashed at my clit until it was screaming for release.
But he didn’t stay down there long. He lifted up over my body again, covering me, kissing me, lapping at my tongue with his so that I could taste my own arousal, his chin and lips damp from my wetness. He slid two fingers into me, and I thrust my hips frantically into his hand, pushing his twiddling fingers into the depths of my body, gasping in pants as the pleasure swelled through me. I moaned incessantly and churned my hips as his long, skilled fingers stroked inside me with expert finesse.
“Oh, God, I’m close, already,” I cried, as he rubbed his thumb over my clit in delectable circles.
“Come for me, baby,” he coaxed, biting down gently on my nipple and sending me over the cliff.  

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