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"I could watch you come every day." Another dirty xcerpt from my Christmas novel Snowed In & Set Up. Read it here!

Coming November 14th

Heat up your winter with this collection of steamy to sexy reads. Whether you’re looking for romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a scorching romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim. Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season… of Seduction.

Christmas, a time when dreams come true, finds six lonely singles tricked into spending the holiday in a romantic cabin in the heart of Washington’s snowy Snoqualmie Pass.
Dr. Will Colson, an ornery, overworked ER doctor, longs to get away and ignore the holiday, and Amber Roth, a feisty contractor with a chip on her shoulder, has a secret she’s kept for much too long. Then there’s Rowan Briggs, a talented chef who doesn’t know when to shut his trap, and brilliant author Juniper Davis, who’s almost given up on love. Entrepreneur Hunter Kingsley simply wants to fill her empty heart and go on an adventure, and finally, there’s Austin Masters, the nerdy scientist with a penchant for fire and a bumbling awkwardness that always lands him in a tight spot.

Sparks fly and secrets are revealed during their five days together, but it’s more than holiday whimsy and the spirit of the season that have their hearts aflutter. This year, Christmas magic – and sizzling attraction – might lead them to their true love, who could be right in front of them, standing beneath the mistletoe.


Ignoring her frozen butt cheeks and the chill that sprinted up and down her limbs, Amber flopped back onto the deck, her arm draped dramatically over her eyes while her chest rose and fell as if she’d just run a marathon.
Holy mother of God, that tongue, that man.
He was relentless, absolutely relentless. Right when she thought she was going to tumble over the edge, he would nip her thigh or suck her clit like it was a fucking lollipop, dragging her back from the precipice. She’d been teetering there for so long, she had no idea how long Will had been eating her out. Was it a few minutes? A few hours? A few days? Had the new year come and gone? She had no idea; time no longer existed. All that mattered was the man in front of her and the incredible pleasure he was delivering.
Two big, strong hands came up under her arms, and she suddenly found herself back beneath the water. The rush of heat made her body tingle and sting, her senses waking up again from the sudden coma they’d been fucked into. She fluttered her lashes open and looked at Will. He was all smiles, his chin and lips still glistening with her arousal.
“You’re gorgeous,” he said softly, setting them back down into their original spot, her straddling his lap, while his cock bobbed hard and ready at her sensitive center. “And the way you come . . .  Oh, baby. So beautiful. I could watch you come every day.”
She squirmed uncomfortably at his words, but she also couldn’t deny the heady rush she got from knowing how he felt about her. She let her hands graze his incredible abs; powerful muscles filled her palms, and heat pooled in her abdomen. She wasn’t the only gorgeous person in this hot tub. Will was a goddamn work of art.
“I want to fuck you, Amber,” he said, his eyes sobering and snagging her gaze.
She blinked from his honesty, and a sudden bubble of uncomfortable laughter shot out through her mouth before she could stop it. “Okay . . . I want to fuck you too.”
He shook his head somberly. “I just don’t want to hurt you. I’m . . . I’m big.”
She swallowed and brought her hand back down between them, wrapping her fingers around his length. Sweet baby Jesus, he was big! Huge. Could she take him? She wanted to try. God, how she wanted to try.
“I want to try,” she said, biting her lip. “I’m tough.”
A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Oh, I know you are. I think you might be the toughest woman I’ve ever met, and damn feisty. I don’t want to hurt you, though.”
Swallowing hard, she lifted up, the crown of him probing her cleft, demanding sanctuary. She motioned to drop down, but he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.
“Oh. Right.”
In less than twelve seconds, Will had fished the packet out of his pocket and sheathed himself, sinking down into the water and helping Amber climb back up on his lap. “Go slow, baby. Real slow, okay?”
“Okay,” she breathed.
“You don’t have to take it all just to prove something.” Affection and concern colored his voice.
A smirk tickled her mouth, and she lunged forward and snagged his bottom lip between her teeth while simultaneously starting to take him inside her. “I’ll prove whatever the fuck I want to.” She growled, releasing his lip. She gasped when she started to feel the stretch. Another quick inhale had her gritting her teeth and shutting her eyes. Damn it, the hot tub had washed away all her arousal. He was going in dry.
“You are fucking huge.”
“You are also really tight.”
“Yeah. Well, it’s been a while,” she muttered, her teeth still clenched.
“Breathe,” he said again.
“Shut up.”

Will chuckled softly, his hands coming up and kneading her breasts, tweaking and pulling on the nipples until they were hard and practically screeching for his mouth. Amber continued to sink down onto his lap. Inch by glorious inch she took him, and the more she took, the better it felt. He was stretching her, pressing against the walls of her channel so hard she was able to feel everything, all of him. 

Coming November 14th

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Do you want me to fuck you in this bathroom with the door locked or unlocked?

Coming November 14th

Heat up your winter with this collection of steamy to sexy reads. Whether you’re looking for romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a scorching romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim. Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season… of Seduction.

Christmas, a time when dreams come true, finds six lonely singles tricked into spending the holiday in a romantic cabin in the heart of Washington’s snowy Snoqualmie Pass.
Dr. Will Colson, an ornery, overworked ER doctor, longs to get away and ignore the holiday, and Amber Roth, a feisty contractor with a chip on her shoulder, has a secret she’s kept for much too long. Then there’s Rowan Briggs, a talented chef who doesn’t know when to shut his trap, and brilliant author Juniper Davis, who’s almost given up on love. Entrepreneur Hunter Kingsley simply wants to fill her empty heart and go on an adventure, and finally, there’s Austin Masters, the nerdy scientist with a penchant for fire and a bumbling awkwardness that always lands him in a tight spot.

Sparks fly and secrets are revealed during their five days together, but it’s more than holiday whimsy and the spirit of the season that have their hearts aflutter. This year, Christmas magic – and sizzling attraction – might lead them to their true love, who could be right in front of them, standing beneath the mistletoe.


“And for the record, I kind of like the jealousy.” His grin was wily. “Lets me know how crazy you are about me, too.”
She hiccupped, then quickly covered her mouth with her hand. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“F-for thinking you wanted Hunter simply because you were singing up there. You’re allowed to be friends with her. You’re allowed to sing. I’m not a jealous nut job like that, I swear. It’s gotta be the booze. Stupid Hunter and her shots of tequila.”
Rowan chuckled as he stepped forward and let his hand fall to her waist. “You’re not a nut job. And I happen to think you’re an adorable drunk.”
She sniffed. “Even when I’m flying off the handle and turning green with jealousy?”
He nodded. “Even then, because it happens to be a lovely shade of green. Like romaine lettuce or fresh arugula.”
A hiccupy laugh bubbled up, and she finally smiled. He always knew how to make her smile. She looked up into his eyes but found no humor there. They were smoldering, lightning hot. The lighting in the bathroom was terrible, fluorescent and almost yellowy, but even then, fire seemed to dance in his soft brown irises as he looked down at her. She bit her lip. That look, it turned her insides to mush and made her heart palpitate so fast she feared it would beat right out of her chest and sprint its way across the floor. Not to mention the tingle that drifted across her skin, down her spine and belly to seat itself between her legs.
His hand released her waist and shifted up to her face. A knuckle gently ran down her cheek, collecting the last of her tears. His gaze flew to the door, back to her face, then the door again. Suddenly, he released her and stalked the three strides to the deadbolt.
“Locked or unlocked?”
She shook her head. “Huh?”
“Do you want me to fuck you in this bathroom with the door locked or unlocked?” His eyes darkened to the color of warm bourbon.
All the moisture left her mouth.
“Uh . . . l-locked. We’ve already been caught once.”
Grinning back at her, he switched the lock. He returned, cradling her body in less than a second. “I want you and only you, Juney. Let me show you.” He sank to his knees and let his hands trail up her black leather boots, continuing up her legs. Along the stretchy fabric of her . . . His eyes flew up to hers when he reached the top of her thighs. “These aren’t tights!”
Her lips pursed, and she shook her head. They were thick, dark gray, cable-knit thigh-high socks. Juney wasn’t even sure where she’d got them—her sister Fern, maybe? But on a last-minute whim she’d tossed them into her suitcase, figuring they’d pair well with her black pleated skirt and long-sleeve gray shirt. She’d nearly frozen her ass off on the walk up to the lodge, but the expression on Rowan’s face had been totally worth it.
“Holy fuck,” he whispered, his fingers making their way up to the waistband of her underwear and pulling it down.
Juney hadn’t been foolish enough to wear a thong and a skirt with the socks, but lacy boy-shorts weren’t out of the question.
Rowan slid her panties down her legs, his eyes going wide as he took in the red lace.
She stepped out of them.

“Juney,” he purred, inching forward, his hands wandering back up her thighs. He helped lift her leg and place one foot on the counter so she was even more exposed to him. The cool air was a welcome balm on her scorching skin. He ran his finger back along her legs and then beneath her skirt. One hand cupped her butt, and the other one came forward and dipped into her folds. “You’re so wet.” His breath was warm on her sensitive skin as he ducked his head beneath her skirt and planted hot, searing kisses on her inner thighs and lips. “Wet for me.”

Friday, 27 October 2017

First Chapter Friday. Please welcome my girl, Jeanne St. James and her steamy menage, A Daring Desire.

A Daring Desire

The Dare Ménage Series, book 4

By Jeanne St. James

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Ménage, MMF, Interracial


Take two defense attorneys, add one troubled NFL QB who needs them, and what do you get? A threesome of hot, sexy conflict.

Gryff Ward made a serious mistake when he hired the hot-as-hell defense attorney Rayne Jordan as an associate in his high-profile legal firm, even though she’s one of the best. Now he’s struggling to keep it professional, especially when she insists on calling him “Boss.”

Rayne’s been attracted to the firm's top attorney ever since her interview. And she’s well aware that calling the conservative man “Boss” drives him crazy…in a very good way.

Add Trey Holloway, their newest client, a troubled NFL quarterback, into the mix. Tension arises when it’s clear that both Gryff and Trey want Rayne and Gryff is willing to fight for her. However, Trey doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Gryff too.

Now Gryff’s having a hard time fighting not only his attraction to Rayne but to another man. Even though he stubbornly refuses to admit his deepest, darkest desires.
Then Rayne takes control. She’s determined to have them both in not only her bed but her life, and she won’t give up until she does.

Note: This book in the series can be read as standalone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual scenes between all three characters.

Chapter One

Gryffin Ward’s dick was so hard he winced.
The newest associate at his law firm stood on the other side of his desk talking. Actually talking to him.
He had no clue what she was even saying.
As he watched her lips move, he regretted hiring her. Even though she came highly recommended.
Rayne’s stats were so good he would’ve been a fool not to. The more cases his practice won, the more clients they attracted. The more clients they drew, the larger his firm grew. Which meant—
Oh fuck. Who cared what it meant. Right now, he desperately needed to adjust himself because his erection was caught in his pants in a painful position.
“So, what do you think, Boss?”
Holy fuck with that “Boss” shit again.
She needed to start dressing like a nun and stop calling him that. Otherwise, he would have permanent blue balls.
What did he think? He didn’t. All the blood in his brain had rushed to his dick, so he had no valid thoughts.
“You don’t have to call me Boss. In fact, please don’t.”
“I know I don’t.” With a smile, Rayne leaned over and tapped him under the chin before spinning on the heel of her fuck-me pumps and heading toward the door. “But, I like it,” she threw over her shoulder.
Me, too.
He took one last glance at her tight skirt with the slit in the back, the one that hugged her luscious ass and those stockings she wore with the line up the back of her legs, before she disappeared, leaving his office door open.
Gryff closed his eyes and blew out a breath.
No wonder she won most of her cases. The judge and the ADA’s brains were probably mush after watching her pace the courtroom cross-examining witnesses on the stand.
No matter what, she was highly respected for being a great defense attorney.
But, he should fire her. He didn’t dip his pen in the company ink and he wasn’t going to start now. Even though she sorely tempted him.
He was a wretch. That’s what he was.
He blew out another ragged breath and scrubbed his hands over his face.
“Gryff,” came a female voice from the door.
He separated his fingers enough to peer through them at his secretary, Dani. “Yeah?”
“Are you okay?”
Fuck no, he wasn’t okay. He was completely jacked. “Yeah.” He sighed and lowered his hands to his lap to cover the evidence, just in case she came closer.
“Okay, well, your brother is on line one.”
If that didn’t make his dick soften, then nothing would. “Thanks. Close the door, please.”
She gave him a little smile and did as she was told. Now, there was a woman he could work with and not lose his mind. But then, Dani dressed conservatively, like she actually worked in an office for a high-profile law firm. Unlike Rayne.
With a quick adjustment to his deflating manhood, he picked up the handset and jabbed the button for line one. “What’s up, big brother?”
“Hey, what’s up with you?” his older brother, Grae, returned.
If his brother only knew what had just been up.
Ever since Grae hooked up with his lovers, Paige and Connor, the man had definitely lost some of his stick-up-his-ass disposition and now sounded more relaxed. His proper English had relaxed a little bit, too. But then, Paige had a filthy mouth and cursed like a sailor, so it didn’t surprise him that some of that rubbed off on Grae. It was about time his brother loosened up.
“I need a favor,” Grae continued.
Damn. Grae never asked for anything. His squared-away older brother couldn’t possibly be having any legal problems, could he?
“I’ve got a player­—”
Ah, fuck.
“That needs representation.”
Another bad boy football player getting into a jam. Nothing new. However, Grae coming to him for help was.
“And you’re the best.”
Gryff frowned. “Are you trying to butter me up?”
“Yes. He needs your help. He’s a great player and our team needs him, but he’s been suspended until this little legal snag is cleared up.”
“How little?”
“The judge wants to make an example out of him since he doesn’t like professional athletes getting away with stuff like this.”
Stuff like this. The words domestic and assault ping-ponged through Gryff’s head. “Did he smack around his wife or girlfriend?”
“Stop beating around the bush, Grae. This isn’t like you.”
A pause came from the other end of the line.
“What’s the charge?” Gryff prodded.
“Aggravated assault.”
Gryff pursed his lips and leaned back in his leather office chair, staring up at the ceiling. “Who’s the judge?”
Gryff sat up with a snap. Shit. He didn’t want to hear the name of that hard-ass and he was pretty certain he didn’t want to know the answer to the next question. “Who is it?”
“Trey Holloway.”
Gryff closed his eyes and cursed silently. “No.”
Trey Holloway had been in the news one too many times in the past few years. The guy seemed to be spinning out of control and it didn’t surprise Gryff that he’d been charged with agg assault.
“It was self-defense.”
“Sure it was.” Gryff ground the heel of his palm into his right eye. He had the start of a blistering headache.
“I believe him,” Grae said softly. “Look, I know the guy has some issues. He’s a wild child, but he’s good on the field. He’s got potential to take us to the Super Bowl this upcoming season. I don’t want to see him throw it away.”
“Are you doing this for the team? Or for him?”
Another hesitation, then, “Both. One can help the other.”
Maybe. But, a troublemaker on the team had the potential to make it implode, too. If anyone knew that, Grae should. And Gryff was sure he did know it. Why was Grae putting his neck on the line for this guy? Why was this guy different than any other player who got arrested for doing something stupid?
“Talk to me,” Gryff said.
“He was at a bar—"
Yeah. That’s how all the good stories began.
“And he came onto a guy—”
“He’s gay?” Well, Gryff never expected that.
Grae ignored his question and continued, “They were outside behind the bar making out—”
Making out. Like teenagers?
“And the guy’s friends caught them. When that happened, the guy accused Trey of forcing himself on him, since the guy wasn’t out. The guy acts indignant and punches Trey to make the cover story look good. The guy’s friends jump in, thumping on Trey, outnumbering him. But, Trey fights back and ends up taking all four guys down, injuring a couple of them pretty badly.”
“Damn,” Gryff whispered, picturing the whole thing in his head as his brother explained it.
“Right. But, it’s Trey’s word against the other four. No one else in the bar witnessed it and if they did, they haven’t come forward. Trey claims it was self-defense and I believe him. No one in their right mind takes on four guys for the hell of it.”
Unless they’re drunk. “Was he the only one arrested?”
“He was the only one left standing in the end.”
“Damn,” Gryff whispered, again. “From what I’ve heard about him, you’d think Holloway would have a lawyer on retainer.”
“He does. But this is life or death right now. Like I said, there’s no one better than you.”
“Life or death?”
“Of his career,” Grae clarified.
Gryff spun his chair around to stare out of the window behind him. “Well, if that isn’t some pressure...”
“You can handle it.”
“I need some time to think about it.”
“There’s no time.”
“Why? When is the—”
A throat cleared behind him. He looked over his shoulder and stared right into Trey Holloway’s sky blue eyes. The guy gave him a wink and a cocky smile.
Get the fuck out of here.
“Grae,” Gryff said in a menacing tone.
His brother chuckled. “I was going to warn you.”
“Not fast enough.”
“Yes, well—” and then the phone went dead.
Son of a bitch. He was going to kill his brother.
Gryff slowly turned his chair back around and carefully hung up the phone when he really wanted to smash it fifty times into the cradle until it exploded. But, he was civilized. He couldn’t lose his shit in front of a client.
Even if it was Trey Holloway.
Gryff clearly needed to have a talk with Dani about letting clients just walk into his office without being announced or even invited in.
He studied the man standing in the middle of his office. His blue eyes looked lighter due to his dark tan. His dirty blond hair, streaked with highlights, whether fake or real, almost reached his shoulders. Scruff covered his jaw. The man was definitely built like a quarterback and not a linebacker. He wore a white button down shirt that emphasized his coloring, with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows and tucked into well-fitting jeans. Well-worn pointed cowboy boots covered feet that could move him downfield quickly when necessary.
“Like what you see?”
Gryff leveled his gaze at him. “I don’t do men.”
“Do they do you?”
Gryff pursed his lips and wondered if he should administer Trey’s next ass whipping. Though, like the last time, it probably wouldn’t do any good. He shook his head. “I don’t swing that way.”
“Never say never. Your brother does. Maybe it’s in the genes.”
Gryff’s fingers clenched the arms of his office chair. So much for polite introductions. “You fuck a lot of men, Holloway?”
Trey quickly hid his surprise at the unexpected question. It was there one second and then gone the next, covered by the wide smile he plastered across his face. “You mean over my lifetime or in one night?”
Trey was trying to shock him, get a rise out of him. Two could play at that game.
“How many men have you had in one night?”
Trey lifted his hands up and spread his fingers. “I don’t have enough fingers to count.”
“If needed, you can use your toes, too.”
The corners of Trey’s lips twitched. “You’ve got a better sense of humor than your brother.”
“You don’t hear me laughing.”
Then they flat lined. Trey studied Gryff for a moment then gave a sharp nod. “We got off on the wrong foot.” He shoved his hand out. “Trey Holloway.”
Gryff didn’t take the offered hand nor did he even bother to glance at it. “I know who you are. Sit down.”
Trey cocked an eyebrow but parked his ass in one of the seats meant for real clients. Not an irresponsible jackass like the one in front of him.
He propped his feet on Gryff’s desk. What. The. Fuck.
“Get your filthy boots off my desk. Put your feet on the floor, sit up straight, and act like you have some sense.”
Trey’s feet dropped to the floor and he scooted back in the chair with sudden color in his cheeks. He cleared his throat. “Thanks for taking my case.”
Now, it was Gryff’s turn to cock a brow. “I didn’t say yes, yet.”
“I’ve been falsely accused.”
“That’s what the guilty always say.”
“Hey, I was the victim.”
Trey crossed his arms over his chest. “Your brother says you’re the best.”
“I am.”
Trey hooked an ankle over his knee and smiled. “What’s it going to take?”
“You keeping your ass clean and a five hundred-thousand-dollar retainer.”
Trey’s eyes widened and he whistled softly.
Ah, see? Two could play the shock and awe game. “If you fuck up, you lose the retainer.”
“So, it’s insurance.”
“You catch on quickly.”
Trey shook his head. “Just ‘cause I play football doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”
“We’ll see about that.”
“Hey, Boss,” Rayne burst in through the open doorway staring at a file as she walked, then stopped dead when she glanced up and spotted Trey. “Oh. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were with anyone.” Gryff didn’t miss her green eyes widen when she recognized who sat in his office. “Oh.”
Yeah, oh.
Gryff’s eyes narrowed as he watched her fingers brush over her hair, as if fixing it. There was nothing to fix, her long dark blonde hair always seems to have a ‘just woke’ look that fit her personality.
“You’re Trey Holloway,” she breathed.
Gryff frowned at the sudden color in her cheeks and the hungry look in her eyes.
Trey pushed himself to his feet and offered her his hand. Well, the guy may have some manners yet. “Yes, ma’am.”
“Ma’am? Oh please.” She almost giggled. Giggled. The corners of her lips curved as she curled her fingers around his.
Gryff’s gaze glued to their hands. Hands that weren’t shaking in greeting, just holding. Did his finger tickle her palm? Trey gave her a suggestive smile and raised her hand to his mouth, kissing her knuckles. “And you are?”
That seemed to jump start Rayne. “Oh, uh... Rayne. Rayne Jordan.”
“Nice to meet you, Ms. Jordan.”
“Uh, just Rayne.” Holy shit, she just batted her eyelashes at him.
Gryff coughed loudly and both their heads spun toward him. “Holloway, take a seat. Rayne, what do you need?”
“Oh, it can wait, Boss.”
She didn’t move to leave. Oh, hell no. Instead, she moved to stand almost directly in front of Trey’s chair and parked her ass on the edge of Gryff’s desk. Just like that.
“Are you a new client?” Rayne asked Trey. Was she panting?
“Yes,” he said, giving her a blinding smile.
Trey was the kind of guy who thought his looks and charm would get him through life. He needed a rude awakening. You’d think after getting arrested—and not for the first time—with a felony assault, a good ass kicking and then being suspended from the team, would have done it. Apparently not.
“We don’t know yet,” Gryff corrected. “We’re still talking terms.”
Without breaking eye contact with Rayne, Trey said, “There’s nothing to talk about. I’ll meet the terms.”
A muscle in Gryff’s jaw jumped. And jumped again. He was going to kill his brother.

About the author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a best-selling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here: BookHip.com/MTQQKK

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at www.jeannestjames.com or sign up for her newsletter: http://www.jeannestjames.com/newslettersignup

Find Jeanne here:

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Please welcome, Kay Blake and her new release, Breathe You, a novelette about second chance love and finding happiness with your best friend and soul mate.

Title: Breathe You (A Novelette)
Author: Kay Blake
Genre: Multicultural/Interracial Romance/Contemporary Romance 

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0765BYJH7
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36352903-breathe-you

A marriage on the rocks and one weekend!
Bree met Mason when he saved her from what could have been an unfortunate situation. They became friends, lovers, and then husband and wife. 
After being separated for almost a year, they take up the suggestion of their marriage counselor to go away together for the weekend to try and reconnect. 
Can these two work out their issues, and save their marriage?

“I know you remember,” I said, brushing my lips against her and her breath came out strangled.
I knew it. I knew she felt what I did.
It couldn’t be helped. I wanted her badly. I wanted her and from the way her eyes clouded over, she did too. But her anger was stopping her.
“I also know if I kiss you right now, you would let me because you’re mine. Even when your lips say otherwise and even if you date someone else. Nobody would mean this much to you as I have. And in my heart, you will always belong with me.”
“That’s absolutely not true,” she stammered, but I knew it was. 
I leaned my head in a bit, she lightly shook her head again and I pressed my lips to hers. She sighed, and I pried her lips open with my tongue wanting more of her and she gave in.
Her lips scorching with anger and something else and her hands grabbed the back of my head, fingers running through my hair and she pulled my head down. 
As our lips locked with one another, time hadn’t seemed to change a thing. God, I wanted her. Almost needed her. I was sure of that. 

Author Bio:
Kay is an award winning author who writes sassy, sexy and sweet contemporary and interracial romance. She is from arguably the greatest city in the world. (New York). She is a sarcastic sweetheart who prefers snuggling at home with a good book. She is a wife and a mom to three cubs. 
Kay indulges in strawberry cheesecake, horror movies, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, wrestling and of course a happily ever after.
She is the first place winner of the SIBA (Summer Indie Book Award) for diversity of 2017.
Author Links
Website: http://www.authorkayblake.wordpress.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/authorkayblake
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/authorkayblake
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/authorkayblake
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00K5WCK38
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8187418.Kay_Blake
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Happy dark and sexy release day to my girl, Erica Lynn! Get your sexy on this Halloween with Gretel. It's a fairytale like you've never read before.


This is the true account of Hansel and Gretel. Forget your silly, misguided tales of two siblings and a house of gingerbread and cakes. This is the story of what happens when love battles against lust. When the yearnings of the heart are forced to wage war against the base needs and desires we all possess. When the time comes to face who we really are. What we truly want. What we need.

A Warning: Their story should not be taken lightly, for we all toe the line between human and savage animal. We walk around in the light, hoping others don’t see the depravity lurking within, begging to be let free. So take a deep breath, set up your defenses, and slowly turn the page. I dare you.

**This is a dark and extremely explicit retelling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. In this novelette, Hansel and Gretel are NOT brother and sister.**

Gretel’s sleep was troubled, to say the least. She alternated between erotic dreams and consciousness until she finally sighed in exhausted frustration.
The door opened and she felt a body lay down beside her. Something long and hard pressed against her bottom, and she couldn’t help but wiggle against it.
“Can’t sleep?”
“No. My head is filled with…strange things.”
“Oh really?” a large hand with rough, calloused fingers found its way inside her gown and down to her aching sex. A finger slipped between her lips, gently coaxing her slippery entrance. “What kind of strange things?”
Gretel arched her back as sensation rolled through her body. She’d never been touched there by anyone else, even she had only been brave enough to touch herself on a few occasions, but those didn’t compare to this. “I kept seeing you.” She turned her head to Tristen, and he returned her stare with a dangerous smile.
“What did you see?”
“I can’t say it.”
"What did you see?"
Gretel whimpered in frustration as he removed his hand from her sex, then ran his fingers, wet from her excitement, over her mouth.
Tell me.
You were inside me. Here. Gretel squeezed her eyes closed and concentrated on her dream. What she’d seen. What she’d heard. What she’d felt. Tristen nodded and as he slowly got to his knees, she realized he wasn’t wearing any clothes. She’d never seen a naked man before, and her mouth watered at the sight of his muscled body and thick, pulsing erection.
Get up.
Gretel got to her knees, just as he was, and waited.
Lift your arms.
She did as instructed, and he grabbed the hem of her gown and lifted it up and over her head. The cool air kissed her naked body, and her nipples hardened in response.
He tilted his head forward and caught one nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the soft peak before closing his lips and sucking. He released it with a pop, then did the same to the other. Bend over.

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