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Please welcome, Ember Leigh. She's breaking all the rules.

Travis could lose his best friend if he so much as blinks at Amara. Amara thought that with Travis it would be one-and-done. But neither can fight what’s growing between them…even if it goes against every rule in the book.

Dirty Excerpt

Their workout progressed, fun and flirty, each one finding new and creative ways to bend the rules. When the last person cleared out of the weight room, he offered Amara a hand to sit up.
“I’m gonna go tell Jenni she can go home,” he said as she popped to standing. “Hang out in the locker room. When everyone’s gone, I’ll join you.”
She lifted a brow. “On the women’s side?”
“I’m a rebel.”
“You’re the owner. You do what you want.” She winked, shoving playfully at his shoulder. “I’ll see you in there.”
He watched her saunter away, fascinated by her sexy, stocky build. She was petite yet strong, a 5’5” powerhouse with thighs that could bring him to his knees. Most guys were all about the tits or ass—and for him, well, it was about every part. And Amara knocked every part out of the park.
He let Jenni go about fifteen minutes earlier than normal. Waiting at the front desk, he watched the clients file out for the evening, nodding their way or shouting a gruff, “Peace.” When the last patron hurried by, Travis deadbolted the front doors and booked it to the men’s locker room to double-check it was empty. And then he went to his office to grab the last implement for the evening: a condom.
Whistling, he headed for the women’s locker room. He pushed open the door and peered inside hesitantly, heart racing. He’d been waiting for this chance for too damn long. And though his nerves rattled, part of him worried he’d eat her alive, like a starving wolf.
Because as far as he was concerned, Amara was nourishing. And he hadn’t had that for a long, long time.
Amara faced away from him, standing in front of a row of lockers. Her ass cheeks, round and shiny in the bright locker-room lights, hung out of a lacy pink thong. His breath evaporated. The creaking of the door made her turn around.
“There you are.” Her voice came out a pretty purr, her head lowering. “I needed your help.”
He cleared his throat, trying to jumpstart his mind again. “Well, thank God I showed up.” He paused, listening for noise. “Are we alone?”
She nodded. “Last lady left about ten minutes ago. Now take your clothes off.”
He lifted a brow, pleased by the directive. “Yes, ma’am.” He tugged his shirt off, tossed it aside, and then shimmied out of his black mesh shorts. His cock pressed against black boxer briefs, almost fully hard from the sight of her. She bit her lip, gaze careening up and down his body, her long black tresses freed from the bun.
“Now sit down.” She pointed to the wide bench behind her.
He obeyed eagerly, watching with wide eyes as she positioned herself out of arm’s reach.
“I started to change into my work clothes,” she explained. Her heavy breasts peeked out of a black satin bra. “But then I realized we should probably take a shower here. Will you help me take my bra off?”
He cracked a grin. A likely story. But this was like dessert, better than a thousand cheat days combined. “Babe, like you even need to ask.”
Travis reached for her, snagging her at the waist. She giggled as he pulled her into him, pressing his lips to her lower belly, taking a bite of the soft flesh there. Her fingers found his hair, running over his scalp and down the back of his neck, digging into the ridge of his shoulders.
“I love these,” he murmured, snagging his fingers on the thin waistband of her panties. “Did you wear these just for me?”
“Mm-hmm.” Her palms traced the width of his shoulders, over the curves of his biceps. “I’ve been waiting to show you.”
His kisses drifted over her low belly toward her hip. He grabbed big handfuls of her ass, sucking at his teeth. His cock strained at the fabric of his briefs. He nuzzled the crotch of her panties, desperate for the smell of her.
“Travis.” Her voice came out breathy, barely there.
“Hmm?” He kissed her mons over the panties, exhaling as he lowered his mouth, nipping where her clit was. She shuddered, eyes drifting shut. He dragged his tongue over the cleft of her pussy; the grip on his shoulders tightened.
“Take your bra off.” He nuzzled her pussy again, growling into the sweet heat there, desperate to rip the thong in half and devour her, get drunk on her scent and sweetness. He kissed his way up to her lower belly again.
She watched him with hooded eyes, lips pursed. “You’re too much.” She turned, moving her hair over her shoulder, looking back at him. “Can you get it?”
He grabbed at her hips, yanking her closer. He took a bite of her hip, and then moved his fervent kisses over her ass cheeks. “Fuck, Amara.” He bit at the tiny strip of pink fabric, pulling at it with his teeth.
“Easy, tiger. Don’t eat my panties.”
“I won’t. I’ll eat what’s under them.”
She swayed, and he caught her. “Seriously, when you talk like that I almost pass out.”
He laughed, smoothing his lips over her right hip. “When I look at this ass I almost pass out. Damn, girl.”
She wiggled it in front of his face. “You like that?”
“Mmm.” He smoothed his hands over her ass cheeks, along the crests of her thighs. “More than I can fucking explain.”
“Maybe this will help.” She sat on his lap, looking back at him with pure mischief on her face, settling into place over his cock.
“Definitely.” He moaned, grabbing at her hips, rocking beneath her. His breath came out short, heated. He was seconds away from losing his shit.
She rocked on top of him, gyrating her hips in a way that told him she’d know exactly how to ride him, exactly how he liked it. Oh fuck. He steadied her, drawing deep breaths.
“Babe.” He brushed his lips over her bare shoulder, hands snaking around her waist, over her belly, up to the lush roundness of her breasts. “Go easy on me.”
“I should say the same to you.”
He unhooked her bra, letting the straps fall over her shoulders and down her arms, admiring the view of her from behind, dark locks over one shoulder, the curve of an expectant smile, her brown shoulder arcing from neck to bicep. He tossed the bra aside, cupping her breasts in his hands. She moaned, tensing beneath him.
“Mmm.” He tweaked each nipple, then let a hand drift down between her legs. He slipped his fingers over the fabric covering the cleft of her pussy, inhaling sharply when he found her soaked. He rubbed his fingers back and forth over her clit lightly, drawing circles around it like it were a treasure map.
Her breath hitched, and she clutched at the arm holding her breast. “Oh, Travis.”
“Yeah?” He grazed his thumb over the tight nub, letting his other fingers drift down to the sopping panties, dancing over her entrance. “I wanna get in here.”
She whimpered, and he took it as his blessing; he dipped in two fingers, probing the slippery folds, finding the tight, needy clit and pinching it, caressing it, breathing hot into her shoulder as he worked her. She tensed and moaned low, hooking her feet around his ankles. He sneaked a finger into her pussy, plunging deep, as far as he could go, nearly losing his mind when he felt how hot and tight she was inside, nearly coming from just the idea of pushing himself inside her.
Her grip on his forearm tightened as he returned to her clit. Tweaking her nipple with his other hand, he played her like a fine instrument, lavishing attention on her clit, soft and then pulling back, tweaking each nipple in turn, biting at her shoulder when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore.
Her breath hitched again, and she cried out. “Oh, Travis! Travis…oh…oh my God!”
He worked her harder, pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy as she came undone on top of him, a whimper turning into a moan. She tensed and groaned, falling against him, laughing softly.
He kissed her neck, nuzzling against the side of her face. “Now that was fucking hot.”
She acquiesced into his arms, and he hugged her from behind, resting his chin on the top of her head.
“Hot doesn’t even cover it.” She gripped at his forearm, eyes drifting shut.
“Hope you’re ready for round two.” He grinned like the devil when her eyes met his.

Author Bio
Ember Leigh has been writing erotic romance novels since she was far too young. A native of northern Ohio, she currently resides near Lake Erie with her Argentinean husband, where they run an Argentinian-American food truck. In addition to romance novels, Ember also writes travel memoirs and occasionally updates a couple of blogs. In her free time, she practices Ashtanga yoga, hops around the world, and eats lots of vegetables.

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