Friday, 1 September 2017

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If there was ever a book that is everyone's dream honeymoon it would be this one - just remember to read it next to your significant other because with the amount of sex in this book, everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Not only did this story begin with sex and end with sex, but it had a great story of the need for communication within a marriage. Not everything is always a bowl of cherries. A fabulous quick read that I highly recommend.
(Nicki ~Amazon Reviewer)

James and Emma are back and their story continues as they get married and head off on their honeymoon.

This was perhaps the hottest, dirtiest book I have ever read and I loved every second of it. Whitley Cox didn't waste a single word that wasn't needed to make this the best honeymoon a couple could ever imagine. 
(Amanda N. ~Amazon Reviewer)

Whitney Cox has turned up the heat past 100 in Hot and Filthy! This is the honeymoon of Emma and James and Holy HOTNESS is it steamy! Join Emma and James on their 6 week honeymoon on a boat through the French Polnesia. We learned earlier that James is a gentleman except in the bedroom. He opened up Emmas sexual world, or do we thought. On their honeymoon, James blows Emmas sexual world up even more. This book is filled with sex,sex and more sex with some diving and bickering thrown in for good measure. Might want to make sure you've got a fan ready to help cool you off and I would recommend reading this with your partner for added fun. 
(Izzy ~Amazon Reviewer)

Wow, wow and wow. Brilliant, super hot  book

Omg! I've loved James throughout the series when he kept popping up, then he had his own books with Emma and he came into his own. As a couple the bounced off each other as a perfect match. He's a true gent but doesn't share and gets very jealous and protective of his property by getting all macho about it. This book was a bonus that we didn't get with other couples and I loved it.

This book is everything you'd expect from James and Emma and some on top. They have always been a very passionate couple and this book goes up in flames with passion. James is just as you'd expect him to be a real he man in action!

This is a book you'd read again because I don't think the first time you take it all in, I read it twice before leaving my review to make sure I knew it inside out, and I know I'll read it again but starting right at the beginning again so I've got a start middle and ending.
It's not for the faint hearted but if you've read the other books from the series you'll know that, this book blows those out of the water with the heat and lust so definitely over 18's!

I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good book with lots of action, I'd say to read it as a series then you can understand what's going on between James and Emma because she gives as good as she gets putting James in his place. But it can be read as a stand alone if you don't want to get into a full series.

It's a hot book that left me rung out from all of the action. Yet another brilliant book from my favourite author Whitley. I'm so looking forward to the next in the series!
(Zoe ~ Amazon Reviewer)

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