Monday, 7 August 2017

These nights are HOT! I'd rob the cradle for Duncan in a heartbeat. Don't miss Bohemia Nights by my good friend Lucy Lakestone!


Thea McKay likes her quiet, private life well enough. She creates pop-up paper art that no one ever sees, hangs out with her friends and admires men from afar. But then, at a play premiere, she meets gregarious video blogger Duncan Flyte. An incorrigible charmer with dubious motives, he’s handsome, hilarious and overwhelming. When he says he won’t stop showcasing her to his legions of fans unless she agrees to spend seven nights with him, her world turns upside down. The offer is both outrageous and tempting. Those seven nights don’t have to be passionate, but what if Thea wants them to be? Can she raise the stakes with this adorable Scottish import — especially when Duncan’s cheerful campaign to woo her may be just one more spectacular lie that will break her heart?

This is the fifth novel in the award-winning Bohemia Beach series, each a steamy standalone romance set among a circle of young artists in the enchanting Florida city they call home.



“Do you have a headache, love?”
Damn it. I opened my eyes. He was still there, now standing in front of me. Beams from evening’s golden hour poured through the windows and cast him in the kind of glow a Hollywood lighting director only dreams of.
“I’m fine,” I ground out, trying to ignore his beauty. “What was that all about?”
“They came over with pizza, and I thought you might like some, since we had a date anyway.”
“Not a date.”
“Oh, Thea.” He sat on the couch next to me, almost rocking the furniture. Somehow he seemed even bigger sitting down, his body large and warm next to mine. “Look, I can tell you’re annoyed. They’re my peeps. Like a third arm. I didn’t think you’d mind. Please forgive me. Can we start over?”
“Start what over? The torture session?” I found one of the few remaining beers and opened it, dropping the cap on the coffee table. I took a sip and glanced up at him. To my surprise, he looked hurt. Genuinely hurt.
“I’m not that bad, am I?” he asked.
“Well, I — ”
He leaned closer. “You’re gorgeous tonight. Your hair, it’s like a sunrise. And the rest of you . . . ” His gaze unabashedly slid over my body and back to my eyes.
My mouth dropped open in stunned silence, whether at his brazenness or the compliments, I wasn’t sure.
He closed it with his lips.
One moment I was staring at him as he leaned close to me, and the next, he’d captured my mouth with his.
And it was like fireworks going off. Lightning, thunder shaking me to my toes, a storm under my skin. And he was only tasting me, sipping my lips as one arm slid up and around my shoulder to cradle my neck. With his other hand, he smoothly took my beer bottle and set it on the table, never losing contact with me.
He tilted his head to take more of my mouth, and I melted like a puddle of butter. I should have pushed him away, but I moaned instead, and he answered me with an “Mmmm” tinged with amusement. He deepened his kiss. His tongue touched mine, teasing, and his mouth opened, hungry, devouring me. His free hand slid to my knee, squeezing, caressing. He drew his lips over my jawline, my neck, sucking and tonguing my electrified skin as I leaned against the back of the couch, feeling his big, hard body bending into mine.
Stop this! I told myself.
But I didn’t want to. But I had to. Oh, my God, Duncan Flyte is kissing the hell out of me. It was a disaster in the making. But it was so delicious.
His hand moving up my thigh brought me to my senses. Too much, too fast.
I sat up, interrupting his kiss. Not that I wanted to. Damn it.
“Thea,” he whispered, moving in to kiss me again.
I held up a hand in front of his face. He pressed his lips lightly against my fingers.
I couldn’t help a tiny sound, somewhere between a whimper and a groan. He smiled.
“Let me,” he whispered.
“Just wait. I need to think.”
“Don’t think.” He grasped my wrist, freezing the hand I’d put up to stop him, and sucked on the tip of my index finger, slowly, his eyes closed, turning it into an erogenous zone I didn’t know I had. Heat blossomed between my legs, in places that hadn’t been touched by a man in two years, as his other hand slid around my waist, slipping up under my shirt, caressing the warm skin of my back. I arched into his touch, and his mouth moved to the next finger, and the next, each digit a gateway drug to the high I wanted most of all: Duncan Flyte.

Lucy Lakestone lives on Florida’s east central coast, among the towns that serve as an inspiration for the hot romances of her award-winning Bohemia Beach Series. In addition to writing novels, she’s been a journalist, photographer, editor and video producer. She loves lightning and can’t resist a road trip. She is also the author of a novel of romantic suspense, DESIRE ON DEADLINE. You can learn more about the author, connect with her on social media and sign up for her newsletter (and get a free story) at

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