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Author Spotlight: K.B. Andrews

Taking Down Brooklyn 
 K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore

My life was my own. That is until I met B. She was meant to be one night of fun. One night of forgetting my miserable, lonely life. 

I’m a hired killer, a modern-day hero of sorts. 

I’m paid well to take out the bad guys. I take the money, I do the job, no questions asked—until her beautiful face becomes my target.

B suddenly has a name. Brooklyn Warren, the president’s daughter.

The woman who I’ve thought about since the night we were together now becomes my target. She has a bull’s-eye on her head, and a large amount of money is being offered to take her out. But I don’t kill innocent people, and Brooklyn is not only innocent but highly intelligent and trying to save millions of lives.

She’s come up with the cure for cancer and pissed off the mighty pharmaceutical companies. They stand to lose billions of dollars at the hands of a sexy redhead. Her father, being the president of the United States, doesn’t dissuade them from hunting her and threatening him.

Instead of taking the contract to kill her, I rescue her. She, in turn, rescues me from my lonely life.

Keeping her safe is the only thing that matters to me. Her life will save millions, mine will save none. I will risk everything to keep her safe.

Now the hunt is on for both of us. 

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Losing a Piece of Me 
 K.B. Andrews

I have a secret.
A secret that chased me away from my home, my family, away from the only man I've ever loved.
I took that secret and pushed it down inside of me.
So far down, that it never had a chance of coming out.
That dirty little secret was like a seed. A seed that took root and grew to become a piece of me.
But what happens when that secret has finally outgrown me?
When its vines climb over every wall I have in place?
When it finally overfills that little spot inside of me that it's been buried in for so long now?
All secrets come out eventually.
I just hope mine doesn't destroy everyone I love.

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Author bio  

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois. I have been making up stories since before I could spell, using pen and paper to scribble out my pretend stories for my parents to read.
As I grew older, the writing stopped but the stories still played behind my eyelids like a mini movie all my own.
I didn’t start writing again until I became a stay at home mom and was introduced to the world of indie books. I was amazed by all the great books that I found that couldn’t be found in stores.
With nothing but free times on my hands, I sat down and wrote my first book, just to see if I could!
I wrote The Chance Series with no intentions of actually publishing. Then one day, one of my nosey friends got the secret out of me and forced me to send over the rough drafts.
To my surprise, she loved the story! Thinking this friend was just biased, I sent it to a couple other people, but didn’t tell them it was mine, wanting their honest feedback. When every single person came back and said they loved it, I decided it may be something worth trying.
With nerves and fears aplenty, I held onto the story, still not convinced being an author was something I could do.
Then the game changer: I turned thirty. Deciding I would rather try and fail than to look back on my life and wonder what could have happened, I got the story ready and hit publish.
I’ve been extremely lucky and found some awesome readers and authors that have since become great friends. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to push publish that day. This journey is crazy, but it is so much fun.
Since that day last November, I’ve written five more books: Books 1-3 in The Chance Series, Finding You in the Darkness, Losing a Piece of Me, and Taking Down Brooklyn co-wrote by Author Kelly Moore.
Most of my books are contemporary romance with a hint of suspense and a HEA.
To learn more about what I’m writing and what will be releasing, follow me on social meida.

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