Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Author Spotlight: Erica Lynn

Lacey Wilson is a lot of things. She’s beautiful. Sweet. A little sassy. And about to be divorced. Now, on the verge of turning thirty, she’s on a mission to find herself, both emotionally and sexually. No attachments. No baggage. No problems. But when her best friend convinces her to attend a private party, where masked men and women go to have a little anonymous fun, she finds herself staring into the eyes of the most incredible man she’s ever seen, and caution gets thrown to the wind. After all, what’s just one night? 
Cameron Jennings likes to keep things simple. He helps out at his father’s garage during the day, then goes home to a few beers and TV. No muss, no fuss. Until one night when he’s working as the doorman at a private party, and meets her… Once he slips the purple mask over Lacey’s eyes and gets a taste of what she has to offer, he’s done for. With Lacey on a mission to rebuild her life, and Cameron completely infatuated, will she be able to convince him they could never have a real future after the way they met? Or will he prove her wrong?

Kara Smith is stressed to the max. She's close to losing the bar she inherited from her grandfather, she's exhausted from taking care of her alcoholic father, and to top things off, she's losing precious clientele to a new nightclub in Houston. She's so desperate, she's actually considering the insane proposition her best friend, Trevor Black, has made. Marry him, and he'll make sure she keeps her bar.

William Richardson is the son of Carl Jones, as in the Carl Jones...the owner of many of the amazing nightclubs in Houston. Carl has come up with his best idea yet, if only he can get Kara to sell her bar. If William can make sure this happens, he'll be handed over his father's empire. And hey, William and Kara can't stand each other, so it should be easy, right?

But after an intensely steamy night where they set aside their feud and bond in the most erotic of ways, will he still be able to convince her to let go of her bar? Will he even want to?

About Erica Lynn

 What can I say about myself? Haha… such an odd thing to think about.
About me…who am I?
The two most important things about me: I’m a wife and mother.
My husband is a wonderful man, and I love him more than anything. He’s been so supportive of me throughout this process, and has talked me down from the proverbial ledge more times than I’d like to admit!
My daughters are my world. Beautiful, sweet girls…who drive me up the wall. But hey, I think that’s their job! Right now I feel like I live in a madhouse, but one day, I’m sure much sooner than I can imagine, I’ll be sitting at home with nothing but quiet because my babies are grown and on their own. So I better enjoy these crazy moments before they’re gone!
Fun fact…I’m a reality TV junkie! What can I say? It’s a guilty pleasure! It started with The Real World and never stopped. I love The Real Housewives (I watch Beverly Hills, OC, and just recently started New York), Vanderpump Rules, Couples Therapy, Marriage Boot Camp, and The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

I also love movies. All kinds, but I’m definitely a horror fan! So any recommendations, send them my way! There’s nothing better than a good scare, and yes, I am that fool in the theater that screams and then starts laughing. Oh, you don’t like that? “Whateva! Whateva! I do what I want!” *insert best Cartman voice*
Speaking of South Park…yes…my humor can be a bit on the dry side. I’m definitely a dork, but I’m cool with that.
So, yeah, I think that’s me in a nutshell. I hope throughout this experience y’all get to know me better, and I’d love to get to know y’all! Don’t ever hesitate to send an email my way! =)

Snapchat: MsEricaLynn85

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