Friday, 7 July 2017

Jesus Christ, you literally tongue-fucked me until I can no longer walk


“I can feel it, Emma. Let go, baby. You’re right there,” he hummed again, his buzzing lips sending another zing of need through my body.
I fished my hand into the top of my tank top and started tweaking a needy nipple, pulling and pinching, until that sweet bite of pain threw me over the edge of the cliff and I came hard into his unyielding and devoted mouth. Bowing my back against the chair, I pulled hard on his hair, burying his face in my pussy as the pleasure speared through me.
“Oh God, James!” I whimpered, definitely a fan of exhibitionism but still with a modicum of self-restraint and bashfulness. We were still docked and I was a tad worried people might hear us, so I kept my voice low, even though inside all I wanted to do was shriek my climax up into the cloudless sky. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!”
I pulled even harder on his hair and pushed up even more into his face, not caring if he couldn’t breathe, not caring about anything but how good it all felt, how good he made me feel. The scissoring stopped, and his fingers pushed up hard and ruthless right on my G-spot, and that familiar sensation of having to pee hit me hard, like a sucker punch.
“Holy fuck!” I cried, unable to contain myself or control my volume any longer.
And then the orgasm that had been destroying me in an endless wave of euphoria took on a life of its own and came at me again in full force, pleasure upon pleasure upon pleasure as I closed my eyes and saw nothing but spots and flashes of light while the man between my legs just continued to feast.
It was never-ending. I was sobbing and begging him to release me, but he ignored my pleas, instead pumping harder and faster into my pussy, while blowing cool air on my swollen clit.
“No … no more, James,” I said with a mewl. “I … I can’t do anymore.”
“One more, baby,” he muffled, the tip of his tongue grazing my clit in just a whisper of a touch. My leg jerked, and I pulled on his hair until I could see his face, his hungry lips and strong sexy chin glistening with my release.
“No! No more, please.”
He made a sexy little pouty face. “You’re sure you can’t go one more time?”
I swallowed and nodded, squinting against the blinding sun. “No more. I can’t. I think my clit is going to fall off.”
His chuckle stirred the butterflies in my belly, low and deep and whisky-thick, a manly laugh, a sinister laugh. He enjoyed tormenting me within an inch of my sanity, until tears streamed down my cheeks and my body trembled as if I’d just stuck my finger on an electric fence. The man was a sadist, and I was a masochist; he loved the torture, and I loved the pain. We were the perfect pair.
Standing up from his spot on the chair, he offered me his hand.  “All right, fine, but I’m still hungry, so I’m not finished with you, Mrs. Shaw.”
I went to stand up, but my legs were jelly, and I collapsed back onto the lounger, pulling him down along with me.
“Jesus Christ, you literally tongue-fucked me until I can no longer walk!”
Another laugh rumbled through him, followed by a swift and precise boob squeeze.
“That’s the plan, wife. You’ll be in a wheelchair by the time this holiday is over. Come on.” He stood back up and then scooped me into his arms. “I still need to carry you over the threshold.”


Emma Everly didn’t know true love or happiness until she met enigmatic millionaire James Shaw. He turned her world upside down, all for the better, possessing her heart, body, and soul. He brought her over to the dark and dirty side and opened her eyes to the wild and kinky sex Emma didn’t even know she craved.
Now they’re married and ready to start their life together, and Emma realizes all her dreams are coming true. 

With a romantic honeymoon planned on a live-aboard boat in French Polynesia with nothing but her handsome husband and the fishes, Emma is positive James will take her body to newer and more extreme heights of pleasure. But James has other ideas, and even in the middle of their sexy sea adventure, their relationship is put to the test. Emma must find a way to come to terms with James’ demands or risk ruining their first holiday as husband and wife.

*A quick and funny story with nothing but sex, scuba diving, and newlywed bickering. Because these two deserve a chill honeymoon. It’s nothing but pure filth with the odd parrot fish sighting. Don’t expect the darkness and angst of the other books; this little story is meant to be light, fun, super dirty and give you all the happy feels.

***Warning, this book contains explicit sexual content, vulgar language, and BDSM***

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