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Featured Authors

SEAL My Love by NY Times Bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton
Swept Away by USA Today and International bestselling author, Nicole Morgan
Tempting James by Victoria Pinder, USA Today Bestselling author
Rider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella) by International Bestselling author, Lena Bourne
A Miracle in Hawaii by Fiona Miers
Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella) by Award Winning author, Linda O'Connor
Alpha Heat by Mandy Rosko
Tristan by International Bestselling author, Liz Gavin
Desire a Bridesmaid (an Always a Bridesmaid novella) by Courtney Hunt
Finding Cory by Caitlyn Lynch
Murder with a Kiss by USA Today Featured Author, Stacy-Deanne
A Major Affair, The Colonel's Daughters quintet, a novella by Award Winning author, CJ Matthew
Brooklyn Winters (A Seven Brothers Security Team Novella) by Karen M. Bryson
Two Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella) by Holly Cortelyou
His Diamond In The Rough by Bestselling author, Roxy Sinclaire and Zara Zenia
Worth the Risk (a Solace in Secrets novella) by EmKay Connor
Off Balance by Bestselling author, Susan Ann Wall
Making Waves by Bestselling author, Krista Ames
Starry Nights by JDuvane
Cold and Hottie by Jan O'Hara
Homecoming by Elana Brooks
Lust Abroad by Whitley Cox
Sunset Seduction by Carma Haley Shoemaker
Just Trust Me by Celeste Hall
Hotter in Hawaii by Alexis Alvarez


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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Oh, honey. I'm going to worship you. A super sexy and kinky excerpt from Love, Passion and Power: Part 2


The moment Kendra Black gave into temptation and took Justin Williams to bed she knew there was no turning back. There was something in him that she needed, that she longed for —safety, he made her feel safe, he made her feel cherished, he made her feel like for once she finally had a shot at love and a happily ever after. A damaged heart —so much like her own, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame, an attraction so strong she would risk burning her wings just to be near him.
Now they are preparing to move in together and start their life. She’s eager to play sidekick to her superhero, to embark on new adventures both in and out of the bedroom. Kendra’s opened her heart, but trust doesn’t come easy, and love takes two hearts to make it work. Can Justin find a way to win over the love of his life, before her old demons come creeping back and cause Kendra to cut and run?
**WARNING** Although not a menage, this book does contain scenes of explicit f/f/m  and f/f/m/m sex.


“There you are,” he said, sliding the cooked pizza out onto the rack to cool, and then coming over and handing me a glass of wine. “I thought you might have gotten lost you were up there so long.”
I accepted the glass and took a sip, closing my eyes as the rich oaky flavor danced across my tongue.
“The candles are a nice touch.” I smiled, taking in the blazing fireplace and scattering of pillar candles that cast a warm glow throughout the living room.
He grinned. “Just setting the mood.”
I decided to be playful and bit my lip. “And what mood might that be?”
Reaching forward he pulled on the belt of my robe and it fell open to reveal the corset and stays. His Adam’s apple jogged in his throat while his eyes flared to life, pupils taking over and encompassing the blue.
“Oh Kendra,” he breathed, running his hands down my shoulders, sending the robe to the ground in a heap at my feet. His gaze traveled down to my hand and the riding crop I was holding. “What do we have here?”
I swallowed. “I… I found this upstairs…”
“Did you now? And what do you intend to do with it?”
I shrugged and looked down at my feet. “I dunno, I thought maybe you could do something with it…” I glanced up at him from beneath my lashes a coy smile on my lips.
He took my hands and brought them to his lips. “Are you sure, baby?”
I swallowed again and started to nod. “I think so. I-I want to do more things like this with you, I-I want you to…”
“Oh, honey…” He took the riding crop from me and ran the leather down the length of my arm. I instinctively closed my eyes and felt my core tighten in need. “I’m going to worship you.”
            “H-have you ever used one of these before?” I asked as Justin blindfolded me on the soft rug in front of the hearth, the warmth from the fire making my body hum and melt into silky butter.
            There was silence.
            I reached for the blindfold and pulled it off; he was just sitting back on his heels and staring at me, weighing his response while his Ant-Man boxers betrayed his growing arousal. I pushed myself up to a sitting position and raked him with my eyes. The firelight flickering across his bare skin, doing all kinds of justice to his face, creating edgy, masculine angles; his eyes were lambent from the flames, the ma took my breath away.
“What’s wrong?”
            “I-I have…” he whispered.
            I gaped at him. This was not the response I’d been anticipating. I’m not sure what response I was expecting exactly. But Justin because kept saying I was the wild one of the two of us I was assuming he’d say “no.”
“You’ve used a riding crop on someone before? Who?” Had he used this particular riding crop? Suddenly the idea of Justin spanking me with a previously used sex toy was losing its appeal.
            He hesitated. “Angela.”
            “Dr. Rose?” My eyebrows flew up my forehead in surprise. Holy crap, the hot doctor liked it rough.
            “Yeah…” He managed a guilty smile.
            My eyes darted around the room, landing on the riding crop that sat foreboding across his lap. “Did… did you use that riding crop on her?”
            He looked down at his lap and then back at me, shaking his head vehemently. “No, no. I never brought her up here. She has her own stash of stuff. We always went to her place.”
            I felt my shoulders relax, and I bit my lip. “Then you know how to use it?”
            His head cocked to the side, following my train of thought, while a smile of relief flooded his face. “I know how to use it.”
            “Good.” I grinned, laying back down and bringing up my blindfold. “It’s always nice to be in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.”
            A rough growl rumbled through his chest. “Oh, baby…” My dominant man back and ready to take me to new and unimaginable heights of pleasure. “I know how to make you scream.”
            I licked my lips as Justin ran the soft leather of the crop up and down my legs and arms, delivering gentle taps to my inner thighs, the swells of my breasts and the top of my pubic bone. Every single cell in my body was alive and pulsing, ready for more.
            “Bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor,” he ordered, his deft fingers snaking their way beneath my thong to find me wet and needy.
He slipped two inside me and rhythmically pumped. My head was already light from the deluge of sensations. I couldn’t see, so my other senses were heightened; the sound of the gas fireplace quietly humming next to me, the soft rug tickling my butt cheeks, and the smell of wine, pizza, apple cinnamon candles, and Justin. I was drunk on the stimulation of it all.
He smacked the bottoms of my butt cheeks with the crop while his diligent fingers continued to bring me closer and closer to the brink. I let out a gasp from the sudden snap of pain, lovely heat blooming in my belly; my pussy loving the attention while my body relished the pain. The next two spanks were divvied up between each cheek, a tad gentler but no less potent.
I felt him rise up and cover my body, hovering over me and pulling down the top of the corset, he took one of my swollen nipples into his mouth and sucked it lightly but fervently with equal measures of greed and gratification, until it was a hard, achy, peak. I moaned, incessantly churning my hips as his long, skilled fingers stroked inside me with expert finesse.
“Oh God.”  I arched my body into his hands and mouth, the orgasm building within me like a winter storm.
            His lips left my nipples and his fingers my body; I whimpered at suddenly being without his touch.
He chuckled. “Just a second, sweetheart.”
Helping me up to my knees he bent me over so that I stood on all fours, rubbing my butt cheeks and taking away any last sting from his earlier attention. Gently he caressed and massaged, kneaded them into putty. I pushed into his efforts, and he inserted two fingers into my pussy again. His thumb found my clit and started to work rough and delicious circles around the throbbing bud.
“You’re such a greedy little thing.” His voice was hoarse and gravelly from withholding his own need as he continued to torment me.
I let out another moan when he found my G-spot.
Another smack came down, with a whistling whoosh in the air, rapid-fire speed and a cracking noise that landed square on the right cheek. I yelped at the surprise; tears pricked my eyes. It wasn’t overly painful, Justin knew what he was doing, but the initial smack was still a shock to the system.
“Fuck, your skin is so beautiful. It gets such a sexy pink glow to it. You okay?”
I was breathless, incapable of forming a complete sentence, instead I just squeaked and nodded. Squirming against his hand, pushing into him and delighting in the warmth that spread from my backside into the rest of my body.
He continued to spank me. Varying his speed, the harshness of which the crop landed and the location of his strike. Keeping me on my toes and always guessing. My breathing was shallow and quick while my pussy dripped onto rug beneath me I was so turned on.
“J-Justin,” I stammered. “Fuck me, please. I need… I need you.”
He pulled his fingers from me, and I heard him shimmy out of his boxers. I prepared myself for the impalement of his body surging into mine, but instead the gentle but snapping tap of the crop against my clit made me jump and then damn near faint. The dirty bugger.
He did it a few more times, and I instinctively bucked up and tightened, only to find no reprieve or much-coveted friction. I thought my body was going to spontaneously combust I was so tightly wound.  
And then, just like, that he was inside me.
Grunting loudly he thrust into my grasping and greedy flesh, sliding furiously across my slick entrance. I moaned and squeezed him like a fist, causing a virile snarl to reverberate through the living room, an echo of pure, masculine satisfaction.
“That’s right baby, take it!”
Continuing to pump into me, his fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me further and further onto his cock. My pussy quivered on every plunge and tightened with every draw, relishing the savagery of his passion of his raw lovemaking. Every fiber of my being was screaming for release. I felt the pull of the blindfold, and suddenly the dim light of the room pierced my eyes, causing me to see spots.
I cried out Justin’s name and bowed my back as my body became rigid with my climax, all my muscles contracting at once, while bright stars flashed behind my eyes and the ripples of ecstasy swarmed me. My sex tightened and convulsed around him, drawing him deeper into my body, savoring his flesh inside my flesh.
I felt Justin go stiff behind me and his brutish thrusts came to a halt. He let out a loud grunt and then a long sigh as his orgasm unfolded. I felt his release pulse inside me and I squeezed him tight, milking him for everything he was worth, taking it all.
We remained where we were for a few moments, our beating hearts and ragged breaths the only sounds in the room.  My limbs were jelly, and I thought for sure they would give out at any moment. Justin read my mind and pulled out, helping me down to the rug while drawing a warm blanket up and over my suddenly shivering body.
“You okay?” he asked, coming up and brushing hair out of my eyes, his own eyes bright and beautiful.
“I’m wonderful,” I sighed. “Just hungry.”

He popped up from his crouched position, his semi-hard penis flopping with the motion and making me smile. “Oh yeah, pizza!”

Friday, 28 July 2017

Love and Justice! This new cover is SMOKIN' HOT!

The Love and Justice Novella Series
Her Husband's Brother
Cuff Me
In the Shadows

$9.99 on Amazon
$20 for a signed copy (shipping included)

Her Husband's Brother:
Lexie Hayes knows her marriage is over. After working endlessly to fix things, she’s decided to move on and find happiness elsewhere. The last thing she needs is to run into her sexy-as-hell brother-in-law at a nightclub on her birthday. He’s cocky, arrogant, and so damn kissable she can barely hold on to her sanity.

Jonathon Hayes has always wanted his sister-in-law. She’s gorgeous, feisty, and unbeknownst to her, married to the largest drug supplier in the Houston and San Antonio areas. When fate puts them side by side, lust and tensions run high. He wants her and he knows she wants him.

Can he keep his feelings on a shelf long enough to keep her safe while he dethrones his drug lord brother, or will temptation overwhelm good sense and put them both on a path to destruction?

Cuff Me:
When Lynette Montgomery's older sister dies from breast cancer, she quickly steps in to take care of her two young nephews. The boys are sweet, caring, and Lynette has no idea what she's doing. Terrified of failing her sister, she does everything she can to present herself as the parental figure she feels the boys need, even swearing off the sexy-as-can-be cop she just so happened to have a one-night stand with outside of her best friend's house.

Robert Barletta is a decorated and respected cop with the San Antonio PD. After having just played a key role in bringing down Houston and San Antonio's largest drug operation, he should be on top of the world. Unfortunately for him, he can't get that one night with a smoking hot blonde temptress out of his head.

When he's forced to take some time off, and the two come face to face, will they be able to keep their attraction on the back burner? Or has this game of cat and mouse just started?

In the Shadows:
Rosie Hobbs is in trouble. Big trouble. The kind of trouble that has her scared to leave her apartment. When she first met Aaron he was a fun guy who liked to have a good time. Just the kind of man she prefers. But when he wants more, and she tells him she's not interested, he loses it. Continuous phone calls, showing up where she's at, vandalizing her property... She finds herself turning to an unexpected protector, her best friend's ridiculously sexy brother.

Conner Montgomery is a lawyer and he deals with this type of BS every day. However, something about Rosie has him crossing the professional line. Is it her gorgeous smile? Her charm? Or the fact that he can't even look at her without imagining her body wrapped around his? Whatever the case, when Aaron shows up at a get-together and scares Rosie half to death, Conner's determined to make sure he can't get anywhere near her again.

When the stakes get higher, and the threats more real, will Conner be able to keep Rosie protected, or will their soaring passion cloud their judgment?

Thursday, 27 July 2017

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Get ready to come hard for me, princess... A dirty, dirty excerpt from Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2




From handshake to obsession…
Emma Everly only ever dreamed of meeting a man like millionaire project developer James Shaw. She never imaged she would fall in love with him, a man so intense, so dominating he radiates power and control no matter where he goes. What begins as a sex-only arrangement for pleasure becomes a heated, hungry, all-consuming obsession. James claims the keys to her heart and her mind, opening them to the wilder side of sex and bondage. But her painful history with relationships gets in the way of accepting that he finds her beautiful and worthy of love.
James is devoted to caring for Emma’s every need, but his past haunts him, too. Guarded and evasive, he avoids Emma’s questions, unwilling to divulge his secrets. She knows the only way to truly earn James’ trust and get him to open his heart is to show him just how committed she is. Despite her lingering fears and people determined to tear them apart, can she go all-in and give herself entirely to him, body and soul?


I felt him climb onto the bed and move towards me, I couldn’t see anything, but my other senses were slowly becoming more astute. I could smell him, his delicious woodsy James smell, with just a hint of brininess from the sea air. I wasn’t sure, but I think it smelled even better than his natural intoxicating scent. I could hear him fidgeting with things, the soft rustle of fabric and the clinking of glasses. What was he up to?
 He didn’t leave me much time to wonder before bristly sandpaper, or something very similar, assaulted my right nipple. It was rough and prickly and felt so incredible that within a few seconds I couldn’t handle much more and I was fervently squirming on the bed, wanting more while also trying to get away.
I tried to bring my hands over my breasts to block him, only to realize that I was bound and I had been told to keep my hands above my head. What was he doing to my nipples? A soft, wet, warmth, I’m assuming his tongue, enveloped my sensitive nub. He sucked and licked, bit and nibbled, bringing my body to overwhelming heights of arousal, until I was teetering on the edge, looking down and itching to jump.
Then he started with the rough bristles again, back and forth, up and down, around and around until my tight peaks were nearly on fire. But it was a slow burning fire, one that felt warm and inviting, with beautiful licking flames that mesmerized and beckoned all the moths. He continued with this pattern of torment, alternating between each desperate bud, allowing no moment of reprieve between his assault. On the bristle-less breast he was plucking and pinching with his fingers, leaving nothing unattended. It took me a while to realize what the prickly bristles were — his stubble! I’d failed to notice earlier, but he hadn’t shaved since Thursday morning, and his beard was growing in quite quickly.
I bucked my hips off the bed, but my restrained ankles made it tough. Shamelessly, I mewled for more as James continued to rub me with his cheeks and chin.  A soft tickle started to run down my legs. Butterfly kisses swirling lightly around my inner thighs, alternating between each leg from the tops of my hips to the tips of my toes and back. All the while, James’ attention to my breasts never ceased. How many hands did this man have? He was using a feather! Brushing it up and town my legs and torso, flicking and fluttering over the lips of my cleft and down towards the cheeks of my ass. I was already so close.
Finally, as if reading my mind, his attention to my breasts subsided, and he swiftly moved to the edge of the bed, positioning himself between my legs. A cold softness swept up and down through my folds, licking me from clit to perineum and back again. He had been sucking on ice cubes, and his mouth was cold. What wouldn’t this man do to drive me crazy? He moved his face over my dripping slit as I laid there continuing to shake in anticipation of what would be next. He’d already brought me so close to the brink and then reined me back in; I wasn’t sure how much more teasing I could take.
“Oh God, yes, please… please,” I cried as James’ chin scruff began to run laps over my clit. The feeling was so exquisitely foreign and erotic I jerked up and would have kneed him in the side of the head if it weren’t for my restraints. The clash of sensations between the soft feather, the ice and then the roughness of his whiskers toyed with my mind and body.
“M-more, oh God!” I couldn’t get enough, the diabolical skill of his tongue and fingers, he was gifted, and he knew it. Giving so much but taking it too, taking it as he wanted.
“Get ready to come hard for me, princess,” he said with a triumphant purr.
I heard a soft buzzing sound and then felt a cold vibration against my opening. Pushing hard, James sheathed the ice cold vibrator inside me and pressed it up hard against my G-spot.
It was all too much. The temperature change, his scruff, the feather. I detonated.  A volcanic eruption, taking on a life of its own and annihilating everything in its path, leaving nothing but hot lava and a smoky trail of ashes. It was like fainting but still being wide awake, unable to see anything besides the bright flashes of light that burst behind my closed eyelids. My pulse roared inside my ears and my mouth became dry as I screamed James’ name and thrashed against my restraints. He pushed up even harder on my G-spot, and I just continued to come, and come and come. Until I was too sensitive to be touched, and I tried to squirm away. Tears trickled down beneath the sash over my eyes and over my cheeks as I pleaded with him to stop, tried to push him off me, but I was bound and immobile.
“Do you really want me to stop?” His tongue halted its assault.
I swallowed and nodded frantically. “Yes… Please! It’s too much.” I was breathless, and I could feel sweat droplets running down my face and neck in rivulets.
He pulled away from me and eased off the bed. Boneless and satiated, I waited for the feeling of freedom, for my binds to be released so that I could close my shaking legs. But freedom never came. Instead, he climbed back onto the bed and straddled me, one leg on either side of my chest. I felt a silky smooth, hardness press against my lips and demand entry.

“Open up, baby. Suck my cock.”





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