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Welcome, Jeanne St. James to the Curiously Kinky Blog today! I'm so excited to have you here. And your book, Only Him, which releases today certainly fits the bill for Curiously Kinky. Oh, mama, was it ever HOT!

Excerpt (LOVE IT!)

I assumed he was a pro at this. Boy, was I wrong. I fight back a nervous laugh and look at the crop in my hand. I could hurt this man without even trying. We need to come up with a system if he wants to continue.
The game of Red Light, Green Light from my childhood pops into my head. “Green, yellow, red. That’s what you’re going to use.” He nods and I’m tempted to rip off the blindfold to make sure he’s listening. “I want to hear you or I’m stopping this right now.”
“Yes. Red, green, yellow.”
I really don’t want to do anything to him where he has to yell “red” at me. I blow out a breath and study Reid Fucking Turner restrained in the middle of my bedroom floor, blindfolded, with hardened wax on his chest. A memory of the movie Misery flashes through me. I don’t want to be the crazy lady holding someone hostage against their will. Which is silly, since I know Reid consents and it’s his own toys I’m using on him. But still…
I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. However, I’m wet and I’m enjoying this as much as he seems to be. And if he wants me to continue…
“Tell me a color.”
“Lean forward, put your forehead on the carpet.”
He complies right away, using the strength in his abs to lower himself forward. His back curves, not giving me the access I need.
“Ass up.”
He shifts his knees back until his body becomes a straight angle from his forehead on the floor to his ass in the air. His knees have to be hurting by now. But I brush that thought away and concentrate on my task at hand instead.
With a flick of my wrist, I bring the crop down across his back and I’m the one who flinches this time. He remains as solid as a rock, so does his cock as it hangs between his thighs.
“You like that?” I ask.
I hide my surprise. “You want more?”
“What color?”
I bring the riding crop down across his ass cheeks this time, the hardest I’ve hit him yet. I notice his skin swell to form a welt where I struck him. “What color?”
Fuck. I don’t want to hit him any harder, but I’m surprised how aroused all this makes me. I want to fuck him, not torture him. However, giving him the pleasure he desires makes me want him even more. I want to give him what he wants. Because I plan on him giving me what I need.
I strike him across the back of both thighs this time, narrowly missing his sac, and he makes a noise. “Color!” I yell a little panicked.
He hesitates for only a second. “Green.”
I bring the crop down one more time across his ass and then quickly follow with another blow across his thighs again, then raise the crop one more time. “Tell me.”
He sucks in a breath and his answer comes out ragged. “Green.”
“No,” I moan.
“Green,” he repeats more firmly. As I stand above him, with the crop poised for another strike, he gets impatient. “Fucking green. Do it!”
I bring it down across his shoulder blades and his back bows as he cries out. I whip the crop across the room when I see a red line spring up from his skin.
“Sit up,” I yell at him and he does, returning to sit on his heels. I rip off the blindfold and drop to my knees in front of him so we’re face to face. I cup his cheeks in my hands and stare into his eyes, which are dark, unreadable.
I’ve loved this man almost my whole life. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“You’re not. Can’t you see how hard I am?”


This is not just a love story, it’s an obsession…


Never in my life did I think my high school obsession would move right next door. I’ve never wanted anyone but him. Reid Turner is my ultimate fantasy. And I still want him. Badly. When he watches me through my bedroom window taking matters into my own hands, things suddenly take a turn…

And now that I have him, I’m not letting him go.


I never knew she existed and now I can’t get enough of her. She consumes me. When this night ends, there may not be anything left of me, she may own me completely. She my master and I her slave. In one way or another I will atone for never noticing her all throughout high school. I will gladly grovel at her feet to make up for what a fool I was.

Besides, who can turn down that luscious body of hers? Curves in all the right places, a mouth that could make a grown man cry, super responsive during sex, and none of my twisted desires so far have made her bat an eye. And did I mention? She lives right next door. She may be the perfect woman for me.

Note: All books in the Obsessed series are standalone novellas. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual situations, including BDSM.


1.)    Where do you hail from? Do you live there now?
I currently live in Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in NY and NJ also.

Very cool. I'm a West Coast baby, myself. I've been all over the world, but never the East of the continent. One day, hopefully. Even if it's just to grab some cheap lobster rolls. 

2.)    Family? Relationship status? Kids? Fur-kids? Tell us who you share your life with. Who celebrates your sales and release days with you?
I’m in a serious relationship. I have two French bulldogs, Gidget and Roux.

Cute! I've got a fur-baby myself.

3.)    Was this your dream career or did you just fall into writing? Do you have another career or job outside of writing?

I’ve been writing since a pre-teen so I didn’t just fall into it. Yes, it would be my dream career if I didn’t need to work full-time elsewhere. And I do work full-time for a government agency. I am in Access Security and have a law enforcement background.

Very cool. Must be why you were able to write the Brothers in Blue so accurately and wonderfully, you know the dirty details. Love it.

4.)    How long have you been writing?
Since around thirteen years old.

5.)    Do you read the same genre as you write? What do you read?
Sometimes. I tend to read paranormal/urban fantasy also. Right now, I’m on a Kristen Ashley kick and I’m working my way through JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

6.)    Where do you draw your inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere. Nothing in particular. It’s whatever strikes me.

I'm the same way. No explanation or rhyme or reason and sometimes a story just hits you in the face and the characters are there.

7.)    What is your answer when some nosy parker asks you if you “lead the lifestyle you write”? I’ve got a few one-liners myself for the crass, how about you?

I write under a pen name, so I don’t get too many questions. Otherwise, I don’t answer, keep them guessing.

Great answer!

8.)    Favorite character of yours? Hero (yours or someone else’s) you’d date or marry if he existed outside of your imagination and why?

This is hard, every time I think I’ve written my favorite hero, I love the next one more. I would say the hero I’d marry or date either Gryff or Grae Ward (brothers) from my Dare Ménage Series. They are Alphas I’d hook up with. Also, maybe Marc Bryson from my Brothers in Blue series. He’s got a great sense of humor.

Ah, well you know I've got a mad crush on Marc, but Reid Fucking Turner is probably now a close second. Hmmm, or maybe I could have them both...

9.)    Your current WIP, if it was made into a movie and you had your choice of actors, who would play the hero and heroine?

I have three WIP right now. I usually don’t think in terms of actors/actresses. For my men, I tend to pick football players. So I can’t really answer this.

Fair enough. I struggle to find an actor or actress myself. Sometimes I can find a model or stock photo model but even then it's rare. 

10.) How do you choose your character’s names? Do you have a process or a pattern?

I try to pick something original. When I come across a name I like, I enter it into a spreadsheet for future use. Otherwise, sometimes the name just hits me.

I always go for strength, especially int he man's name. And my series heroines always have names that end in -a, and my stand-alone books the heroines name ends in -er. I'm not sure why I started doing it, but I'll do it until I run out of names. Keep it quirky.

11.) How many of your characters are based on people in your life?

None. They are based more on who I’d like to have in my life. I do have to say I’m a smart ass and the Brothers in Blue series were full of smart asses. So each main character in that series has a little bit of me.

I like this answer. Thank you.

12.) How do you de-stress and deal with writer’s block?

Read. I love to read and I try to read every night before I go to sleep. It helps me de-stress (so does writing) and it definitely helps with any writer’s block.

I agree, reading definitely helps me too.

13.) Take us through your process. From the plot bunny bouncing around in your head to the day you write “The End” how do you write? Plotter, pantser, quilter? Do you have several WIP’s on the go at one time?

I’m definitely a pantser. Once I have a opening scene (which is what hits me first before names, titles, themes, etc.). Then I figure the rest as I write. My characters speak to me. I get into their heads. I feel their anger, their pain, their heartache, their humor. I try to only write one story at a time, however, I will write down scenes, conversations, ideas for other books if they pop in my head. I keep a notebook by my bed, just in case.

Me too. I have a notebook or I text myself.

14.) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Eating. I love food. I love to cook and bake, too. However, writing takes up a lot of my time so I don’t get to do that as often as I’d like.

I agree. I'd like to bake more, but life it all about choices.

15.) How do you unwind and relax?

Watch movies. Read.

16.) Where do find peace?

Yoga. Reading. Writing.

17.) Favorite cocktail or wine? Do you drink while you write?

If I drink while writing, it’s usually red wine. I have a lot of favorite cocktails. But my ultimate is a whiskey sour.

A woman after my own heart. I love wine, and I haven't had a whiskey sour in years, but they are delicious.

18.) What is your brand? Who do you write for and why?

I write sexy stories that have heart. I love emotional stories and Alpha men, but I have to add humor too. I can’t write a book without a little humor thrown in. I write for myself.

Great answer!

20.) What are your writing and publishing goals for 2017 and 2018? How many books do you hope to write and hope to put out? What’s your lineup look like?

I currently have thirteen out (I think – LOL) but by the end of the year I hope to have that number up around 20. I’ve been working very hard to reach that goal with still writing stories that not only I love, that my readers do too.  I will be continuing with The Dare Ménage Series. Book 4 comes out in July and Book 5 might come out later this year. I will also be continuing with my popular Obsessed Novella series. Novella #3 should be out this summer sometime. I’m also working on a complete new series, Down & Dirty: The Dirty Angels MC. This will be my first series about a motorcycle club. I have a good source for inside information on MCs and can’t wait to incorporate that information into my books.

That sounds awesome. I can't wait to read them.

21.) Best piece of advice you could offer a newbie writer on how to get their name and books out there to the masses?
Write a lot of GOOD books, take constructive criticism, don’t be afraid to ask seasoned authors questions. Work hard. Be motivated. Don’t take all reviews to heart. Promote yourself and your work.

Great advice. I've certainly sent you my fair share of emails asking for help. You've been invaluable.

Thanks so much for joining me today, Jeanne. I hope Only Him has tremendous success and you have a fantastic and successful year publishing.

Author Bio

JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.

She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter:

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