Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The urge to pursue and hunt, claim and win, came back the moment you looked at me





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"When you came along, fuck, you knocked me on my ass —the urge to pursue and hunt, claim and win, came back the moment you looked at me. I had to have you. You were mine before we’d even spoke. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you couldn’t imagine not having it? Felt that you would no longer be able to breathe if you couldn’t? That’s how you made me feel. How you make me feel every goddamn day"

From handshake to obsession…

Emma Everly only ever dreamed of meeting a man like millionaire project developer James Shaw. She never imaged she would fall in love with him, a man so intense, so dominating he radiates power and control no matter where he goes. What begins as a sex-only arrangement for pleasure becomes a heated, hungry, all-consuming obsession. James claims the keys to her heart and her mind, opening them to the wilder side of sex and bondage. But her painful history with relationships gets in the way of accepting that he finds her beautiful and worthy of love.
James is devoted to caring for Emma’s every need, but his past haunts him, too. Guarded and evasive, he avoids Emma’s questions, unwilling to divulge his secrets. She knows the only way to truly earn James’ trust and get him to open his heart is to show him just how committed she is. Despite her lingering fears and people determined to tear them apart, can she go all-in and give herself entirely to him, body and soul?

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