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Stealing Beauty with Jessica Collins

We've got the lovely and talented Jessica Collins on the blog today! Her first book, Stealing Beauty a contemporary and sexy adaptation of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast just released March 28th. Thanks for hanging out, Jessica!

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She wants him. He needs her. This time, it’s the Beast who’s going to attempt to tame the Beauty. Desire… danger… a whole lotta heat - this isn’t your childhood fairy tale.

A stubborn beauty….
Anabelle Lehala just wants to spend time with her best friend, finish law school, and provide a good life for her and her father. Her world is knocked upside down when she meets a mysterious, captivating stranger who tempts her like no one before. Refusing to be just another notch in his belt, Belle forces herself to stay away from him at all costs.
An egotistical beast….
Rich, powerful, and handsome, Aleksandr Wolfe has been accustomed to getting whatever he desires. That is, until he meets Belle. Immediately captivated by her, Aleks can’t understand why she won’t give in to the obvious mutual desire between them. Helpless to stay away from her, Aleks wonders if she’ll be the one thing he can never have.
The fight for her life….
When Anabelle finds herself in danger after refusing the advances of Gabriel Avenant, a man who believes she is his and his alone, Aleksandr vows to protect her. As their attraction 

He looked at her for a moment before continuing, voice low. “Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? I’ve been fantasizing about you since the first night we met, and I can feel your eyes on me whenever I’m near you.” He paused a moment, tongue darting out briefly to lick his bottom lip. “We should just fuck and get it out of the way.

Belle stopped breathing. She wanted to take him up on his offer — she had never wanted to sleep with a man as badly as she wanted him.

“Mr. Wolfe, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I own a club. I deal in attraction. You wouldn’t get a call back.” Belle narrowed her eyes back in a challenge. Ok, so she lied a little, yet he needed to know there wouldn’t be anything between them, no matter how often she thought about it. 

“It that so?"
“Yes,” she huffed out a breath, proud of herself for staying strong against his attempts at her.
He stared at her for another moment, his penetrating gaze holding her in place. He stood, walking around the desk towards her, fingers on his left hand grazing the edge of the dark wood.
His face remained impassive, but his eyes, his eyes looked — calculating.
Oh, no. I know that look. I created that look. Belle moved to stand but Aleks was too quick. He leaned forward, a hand on each side of her chair, entrapping her in the small space. The earthy scent she was beginning to grow fond of flooded her nostrils. The muscles in his forearms flexed as he gripped the chair, and the heat from his body warmed her as he leaned forward, dangerously close into her personal space, forcing her head back against the leather. 
“Women have pretended to say no to me before. Seems I always change their mind.
His arrogance was the cold water she needed to focus. She wasn’t about to let him intimidate her. “Pretended? You’re such a prick. I’m not other women.
Belle held his gaze as his look darkened, blue turning cerulean, a slow smile forming on his face. 
“Mm hm,” he uttered, not convinced. His voice dropped as he continued, “Tell me, did you think about it the other night? Me fucking you against the wall? Or perhaps you’re thinking about it now — being bent over my desk as I take you from behind?” He wouldn’t release her gaze, pupils dilating as he spoke. His facial expression, his voice, his sheer intensity, all mixed with his words; he was devastating. 
“The only reason those thoughts cross my mind is because I have to listen to you talk about them.” She hated feeling the blush creep across her cheeks. He reached with one hand to stroke her cheek with his thumb, his fingers wrapping towards the back of her head.
“Your cheeks turn such a pretty shade of pink when you lie to me, Belle.” The touch sent a jolt through her body as a breath caught in her throat. She knew he heard, being so close to her. He leaned down into her, close enough she could almost feel his chest on hers. He placed his lips next to the ear opposite his hand and she felt his warm breath on her. His masculine scent engulfed her. 
“Consider your challenge accepted. You will say ‘yes’ to me, Belle. In fact, you will beg for it.”
“I — I don’t recall offering you a challenge, Mr. Wolfe.” Her voice had sounded raspier than she had intended. She resisted the temptation to lean her face into his.
“You saying no is the challenge. You can tell yourself you won’t give in. You can try to resist me all you want, but it won’t work. I always win.”

Publisher: Deep Desires Press – the newest, hottest, erotica publishers. 

You can buy Stealing Beauty here

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Interview with the Author

Where do you hail from? Do you live there now?
I’m a born and raised a Jersey girl. I love it here. 
    Family? Relationship status? Kids? Fur-kids? Who you share your life with. Who celebrates your sales and release days with you?
I’m married to my high-school sweetheart. We’ve been dating since we were 17 and have been married 3 years now. We have a wonderfully amazing Pitbull/Boxer, Nala, who’s 5. Our families are really close and super supportive. We’re all best friends and they are just as excited as we are about the release.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart too! That's awesome.
Was this your dream career or did you just fall into writing? Do you have another career or job outside of writing?
It seems every 6 months I have a new dream career! My long-term go-to has been to open a Pitbull shelter. They are beautiful, intelligent, yet strong animals who just love people and will do anything they’re told. I advocate for the breed as much as I can. #dontbullymybreed   In my day-to-day life I’m a mental health crisis therapist. I work with adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations, etc. The majority of my clients are actively suicidal, most with a plan, who are desperately trying not to hurt themselves. It’s a hard job, but I love the work I do.

Wow, that's intense. Good for you. I'm sure you do a lot of good and I'm in awe of your ability to work in such an emotionally challenging environment. How long have you been writing?
This is my first novel. I started writing it about 6 years ago – just the idea and the basic characters. I didn’t really give it a lot of time until last year when I finally sat down and really began to write.

Do you read the same genre as you write? What do you read?
Absolutely. It’s what gives me inspiration. I love all erotica, but mostly contemporary stories.

Me too. I'll read almost anything as long as it's engaging.Where do you draw most of your inspiration?
Books, movies, songs… real life. Anything can be inspirational.

Favorite character of yours? Hero you’d date or marry if he existed outside of your imagination and why?
Since this is my first, my favorite hero is Aleksandr – “The Beast” in the story. I would absolutely, in a heartbeat, date him. Mmmmm.

Your current WIP, if it was made into a movie and you had your choice of actors, who would play the hero and heroine?
Aleksandr – Nick Youngquest
Belle – Sophia Bush

Damn! He is fine. I'd watch that movie. How do you choose your character’s names? Do you have a process or a pattern?
Belle was obviously going to be the heroine’s name. In the story, we learn The Beast actually is named Adam, yet I felt this was too “gentle” for him. I’ve given him a Russian background and I wanted to keep an ‘A’ name, so Aleksandr seemed perfect.

How many of your characters are based on people in your life?
Lol, none. They’re all fairy tale characters.

Ah, fair enough, ha ha. What about stress, with a job like yours you must have a process of mellowing out and defraging at the end of the day. How do you de-stress and deal with writer’s block?
I take a nice, long bath with a glass of wine.

Take us through your process. From the plot bunny bouncing around in your head to the day you write “The End” how do you write? Plotter, pantser, quilter? Do you have several WIP’s on the go at one time?
I write scenes which call to me, and then find a way to weave them together for the story. Since all of my books are re-tellings, I have a general direction of where they’re going. I also re-read the actual story, watch the movies again, see which scenes I want to incorporate, and then let the characters tell me how to get from point A to point B.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

How do you unwind and relax?
I can veg out on Bravo for hours! Vanderpump Rules is the current binge-watch.

Where do find peace?
At home.

Favorite cocktail or wine? Do you drink while you write?
I’m not a big drinker – it’s more of what I have a craving of. Sometimes I want a beer, sometimes a glass of red (I love Pinot Noir), sometimes a Jalapeño Margarita! I normally don’t drink when I write but perhaps I should. What’s the saying – Write drunk, edit sober, lol.

I love a good Pinot as well, and I've never had a Jalapeño Margarita, that sounds awesome. If you could sit down and have lunch with anyone, dead or alive who would it be, and what three questions would you ask them?
Jack the Ripper. It would have to be in a very open, very populated, very public place. With a lot of security. I’d ask, obviously, “Why?”; “Did you actually come to America after England?” and “What do you think of the fact no one ever figured you out?”

Interesting choice...I'd make sure I was as far away from that meet-and-greet as humanly possible. What about your brand? Who do you write for and why?
I write contemporary erotic romance based on classic fairy tales. I’ve always loved both genres and felt there combining them is sheer perfection. When I read erotica, I want to be able to imagine the scenario happening to me. That’s why I choose to keep it contemporary and realistic. There’s no “magic” or “talking furniture” in my stories; just good, old-fashioned, love and sex.

Me too. I can read paranormal and fantasy, but I can't for the life of me write it. I also like to imagine what I'm writing happening to me and hope that my readers are doing the same. What are your writing and publishing goals for 2017 and 2018? How many books do you hope to write and hope to put out? What’s your lineup look like?
I’m working on the Fairy Tales After Dark series. The next book is based on Aladdin/1001 Arabian Nights and is (working title) called Finders Keepers. After that, I have the ideas for Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White. I’m hoping to release at least 2 per year.

Best piece of advice you could offer a newbie writer on how to get their name and books out there to the masses?
Social Media has been amazing. I use Facebook, Twitter, a website, and have met a ton of other authors who are willing to help me spread my word. I also have to thank my publisher, Deep Desires Press. They have been amazing to work with as a new author.

Anything else you’d like to add or tell us about yourself and your books?
I write because I love the story and love the genre. My hope is you’ll love the story too. If you do – please let others know about the book and leave a review. If you hate it – tell me! I want to hear everything I can to give you the best reading experience possible.

Thanks so much, Jessica. It was wonderful to have you on my blog and I look forward to doing it again soon when the next Fairytale after dark is released. I wish you nothing but huge success with Stealing Beauty. Congratulations on your release!

You can buy Stealing Beauty here

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