Thursday, 6 April 2017

I needed to Fuck I came here to Fuck






“Ah, fuck…” he moaned. “Yes…suck it hard. I love your greedy little mouth.”
Another guttural groan and he began to move my head faster and harder, begging for me to take him deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my jaw and pushed forward until his cock knocked my tonsils. I didn’t gag. The salty taste of pre-cum dripped onto my tongue and down my throat as his breath hitched and his rhythm grew more erratic. Was he going to come? Could he go again so quickly? I needed to fuck. I came here to fuck!
Almost as soon as I finished that thought he pulled out of my mouth, his shaft slapping against his belly as he pushed me back to the bed pulling the cups of my bra down and taking a nipple into his mouth while tugging and gently pinching the other one. He lightly bit down and I gasped, bucking my hips into him, desperate for some kind of friction. He switched breasts and delivered the same luscious torture to the other one, flicking his tongue against the sensitive bud and sucking gently.

I was lost in the magic of his warm and devoted mouth as his tongue traveled lower, grazing down my torso, tracing a path of sexy little circles around my bellybutton, while keeping both hands on my tits, continuing to torment them with twists and pinches. Slowly he moved his hands down my sides tickling me as he went, planting soft kisses on my inner thighs and behind my knees; pulling my thong off with deft precision he tossed it to the floor to join the rest of our clothes.

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