Saturday, 25 March 2017






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He started to rock left to gather momentum. He wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and rolled us across the bed so that I was once again on top of him. A big, callused hand snaked behind me, while fingers curiously started to dip and explore my wetness, trailing it back up along and over my anus. I let James set the pace, and within moments he had slipped inside me. I was on top, so I braced my arms on either side of his and angled myself forward, moving back and forth and loving the feeling of him. He continued to run his finger up and down my bottom, gently slipping a fingertip inside to lubricate me with my own slippery arousal. He pushed one finger into my ass slowly and then began to move it back and forth. The sensation was intense; I felt full, full of James.
He was fucking my mouth with his tongue, my pussy with his cock and my ass with his finger. He was all consuming, claiming my body and making it writhe in pure ecstasy. I contracted my inner muscles, squeezing him, he moaned and slipped in another finger. I nearly lost my head.
“I want to fuck your ass.”
Ummm… yes… please.”
We were both out of breath, and I was already so close because he was able to bring my body to levels of arousal that I’d never experienced before. I probably wouldn’t even need a vibrator on my clit, and I’d still come from how turned on I was, and how good it all felt. His talent was endless.

I moved forward and reached behind me to pull him out. Hastily he opened the nightstand and retrieved a bottle of lube. Squirting a liberal amount onto his fingers, he ran them up between my cheeks. His cock slipped out of me with a slippery pop sound, and he squirted more lube, this time onto my fingers. I stroked him, getting him good and silky. Once we were both slick, I lifted my hips, while he grabbed his cock and angled it at my backside.   

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