Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dirty, dirty excerpt from Love, Passion and Power: Part 1


I was on all fours hunched over the arm of the couch while Justin ate me out with competitive fervor from behind. He was trying to beat the guy on the screen and get me to orgasm before the actress. I had laughed out loud at the idea when he proposed it, but apparently, he wasn’t joking because so far he’d been two and 0 with the videos we were watching.
            He paused and looked at the television. “Another guy just entered the room, and she’s blowing him.”
“Oh, should I call someone to come join us?”
            A growl reverberated through him into me as he dove in again. Apparently, he didn’t think my joke was very funny. I giggled, but it was quickly defused by an erotic little bite and a powerful tongue thrust inside me. I bucked into his face and closed my eyes, dear lord, this man was a magician; he was able to turn me into a puddle in the blink of an eye.
            “They’re changing positions again baby.” I looked up again and noticed that the alpha guy was positioning himself behind his woman and running his hand up between her cheeks. The beta guy was still getting sucked off. “Are we still following along?” he asked. “Because he’s getting ready to do her in the ass.”
            I bit my lip and looked back at him, his pupils were dilated with lust and cheeks rosy from hard work, his beauty took my breath away, and I was left speechless for just a moment. I decided to show him what I wanted him to do instead and reached behind me to grab him by the shaft, pulling him close and bringing his crown against my tender rosette.
            “I want you to fuck me in the ass,” I whispered, pushing against him, so the tip dipped inside.
            He let out a deep groan but then pulled away. “Lube,” he said matter-of-factly.

I heard the cap flip open and then he started to rub the cool silk over my needy flesh. Once we were both good and slick, he tossed the bottle aside and then started to push against me again.

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