Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Feature Author: Bree M. Lewandowski

Under Winter Lights: Part 1

Bree M. Lewandowski

               The details of this book are so rich I felt like I was right there with the characters as they went to rehearsals and performances. -JC Reviewer on Amazon

Ballet is Martina’s world. Always has been. But underneath the stage lights, behind the curtain and choreography is loneliness. 
On late nights, after rehearsals, in her small apartment, Martina wishes hers wasn’t the only shadow on the wall. 

But Chicago winter winds are swirling and Martina’s music box world is tipped upside down when she is cast as the lead in the company’s next production. And if that isn’t enough...

He’s the “wolf of the Mariinsky Ballet.” A rebel with gray eyes. Maraav Levondovska is a brilliant dancer and Martina can barely admit to herself how watching him take the stage sets her imagination spinning. 
But company director Alan Jung, the man crippled by the art he loved, seems to find new life in his star ballerina... 

Three hearts in a dance made for two. A world made of music and motion. Come step Under Winter Lights: Part One!

Stay tuned for Part 2 Under Midnight Lights Coming SOON!

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