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Book Title: Double Dare (The Dare Menage Series, bk 1)

Author: Jeanne St. James

Publisher: Self

Cover Artist: April Martinez

Release Date: March 25 2010

Genre/s: Contemporary Erotic Romance (Interracial, MMF, LGBTQ)

Length: 67,500 words/260 pages

It can be read as a standalone but is the first book in a series.

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What could be better than waking up next to a hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between two of them.

Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. What better reason to give up men when her previous long-term relationship had not only been lackluster in the bedroom but he had cheated?

Logan Reed, a successful business owner, can't believe that he's attracted to the woman in the ugly, Pepto-Bismol pink bridesmaid dress. And to boot, she's more than tipsy. After turning down her invitation for a one-night stand, he finds her in the parking lot too impaired to drive. He rescues her and takes her home. His home.

The next morning Quinn's conservative life turns on its ear when Logan introduces her to pleasures she never even considered before. And to make things more complicated, Logan already has a lover.

Tyson White, ex-pro football player, is completely in love with Logan. He has mixed emotions when Logan brings home Quinn. But the dares keep coming...

Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.


When Logan glanced up again, he saw a pink vision stalking toward him, and he sat up straighter. Shit, the cause of his earlier hard-on was coming his way.

She looked determined, and she still had a grip around her glass like it was a lifeline.

She stopped directly in front of him and put one hand on her hip.

“Are you Logan Reed?”

Oh shit. “Yes?”

“You don't know for sure?”

“Oh, I'm sure.”

“Are you fucking anybody right now?”

“Right this minute?” He glanced around to see if anyone else was hearing this surreal conversation. Luckily no one was paying attention.

“No. Do you have anyone who is going to get mad if I ask you to dance?”

“Uh. No.” Well, hell, that was a unique way of asking someone to dance.

She placed her drink on the table, and he asked, “Is that still your second one?”

“No, third.”

“I was afraid of that.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled, but he was too heavy for her to lift, so he unfolded himself from the chair to accommodate her.

“Are you asking me to dance?”

“You have a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” He interlaced his fingers with hers and led her to a corner of the dance floor. Luckily for him, the DJ had turned the lights down and was playing a series of slow tunes. Ones he could dance to. There was no way he was doing the chicken dance or line dancing. He had his limits.

As the slow, wailing tune blared through the large speakers, Logan slid his palms around her waist, his splayed fingers coming to rest at the small of her back. The fabric of her dress felt terrible, and he didn't know why women wore shit like that and suffered. The dress certainly wasn't flattering.

But it wasn't the outer package that mattered to Logan; it was the prize he found inside when it was unwrapped.

He stepped in a little closer and pulled her hips against his. He swore he heard a little gasp. He smiled into her overstyled, dark blonde hair and nuzzled it. Underneath all the hairspray, he caught a scent of wildflowers. It smelled nice.

“What's your name?” he murmured into her hair.

“What?” She turned her head a bit, and she ended up nuzzling his neck. Her lips, the shape of which reminded him of an archer's bow, were warm and soft, and he could detect the fruity scent of the slammers on her breath.

She was average height for a woman, which made her a bit shorter than him, so he had to lean down a bit to place his lips against her ear.

“What's your name?”

He felt the shiver of her body against him, so he traced the delicate shell of her ear with the tip of his tongue. The touch was light enough, but she unmistakably felt it. In response, she arched her back slightly, pressing her hips harder into his.

“Quinn,” she finally answered him, her voice breathless.

“Quinn,” he repeated while moving one hand up her back to the bare skin rising out of her dress. He drew the pad of his thumb along the smooth expanse of flesh, along her exposed spine, moving up to her neck to cradle it in his palm. His thumb continued to stroke her skin along the vein in her neck.

He pulled away a little and looked down into her face. Her eyes were heavy, and her lips were parted. Her breaths were short and quick.

He struggled to keep from thrusting against her. If she looked this good in that god-awful dress, he wondered what she looked like in normal clothes. Or no clothes at all.

Or just a pair of handcuffs.

His balls tightened, and he released a long breath out of his nose to steady his pulse.

“Quinn, do you like sex?” He placed his cheek against hers, and they swayed to the music, their hips, their thighs brushing against each other.

Her eyelids fluttered a bit before she answered, “Sometimes.”

“Why only sometimes?” he whispered against her ear.

She shrugged slightly, and one of her off-the-shoulder sleeves slid down a bit, exposing more creamy flesh.

Logan brushed his lips along her collarbone. It was delicate and covered with smooth skin. When he got to her shoulder, he worked his way back, and in the hollow of her neck, he placed a kiss.

There was a groan. He didn't know whom it came from. Her? Him? He didn't care. His hand at the small of her back slipped lower, to just where the rise of her ass was. The fabric of the dress kept him from feeling details, but his imagination took over.

One song transitioned into another, and they weren't even aware of the other couples dancing nearby.

His hips kept a steady side-to-side rhythm, while his hand on her back kept her close and in perfect time with him.

He was hard. There was no doubt she could feel it. Even with the yards of fabric around her midsection, her belly brushed against his length, teasing his cock.

“What kind of sex do you like?” His voice sounded low and gruff to his own ears.

“The kind when I get to come.”

Logan chuckled against her temple and slipped the hand he had around her neck to her shoulder. His fingers brushed her skin lightly. He couldn't help but notice goose bumps suddenly appearing everywhere he touched her. Which meant her nipples were probably hard and aching for his fingers and mouth.

Her dress had slipped down a bit, and the neckline rode low on her chest. The fabric rested just on the crest of her breasts; he could see she wasn't wearing a bra. In fact, he thought he could see the crescent edge of one nipple, even in the dim light.

He wanted to dip his tongue between her breasts.



“Why did you ask me to dance?”

“Because my friends…” Her soft voice faded off.

“Your friends?” He prodded.

“My friends dared me to. They think I am such a loser when it comes to men.”


“I always pick Mr. Wrong.”

“Am I supposed to be Mr. Right?” He brushed the backs of his knuckles over the rise of her breasts.

“No. Just Mr. Right Now.”

She was direct. He wondered if it was just the alcohol talking. “So you just want to use me.”


Her boldness wavered, disappointing him a bit.

He raised his eyebrows. “Huh. And you don't think I'd care?” He leaned back a bit and looked down at her, her skin a canvas for the colorful light bouncing off the mirrored disco ball above the dance floor.

She wouldn't meet his gaze. “Do you?”

About the Author 

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today bestselling romance author who loves an alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing. Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website or sign up for her newsletter

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Two shamed souls, a mutual enemy and an attraction they can’t control…#Scifi #BDSM #Eroticromance #sexytrailer

Rand: Son of Tallav
By Cailin Briste

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Two shamed souls, a mutual enemy and an attraction they can’t control…

Randolph Meryon is a man no woman can resist despite the whip he brandishes. Compelled to return home after his sister’s death, he struggles to fit new responsibilities into the hedonistic lifestyle he prefers to live. It’s a task he finds difficult enough without adding in the tangle of unanswered questions his sister has left behind and the sugar-cookie sweet nanny caring for his niece. He hasn’t had a taste of sweet in a very long time.

Jen O’Malley, shunned by her family, struggles to find work without their backing, meeting barriers wherever she turns. A position as nanny with the scandal-riddled Meryons seems like a lifeline. She’s relieved until she arrives and becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue, unable to discern the identity of the spider at the center.
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#DAMC #MCRomance #Slade #Newrelease Grab this super sexy biker romance NOW! #KU #Amazon

Down & Dirty: Slade
Dirty Angels MC, Book 6

By USAT Bestselling author Jeanne St. James

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Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Slade’s story…

He thought he liked easy. Until she showed him easy was boring.

Right out of the Marines, Slade’s first mistake was patching into a club that was headed down a destructive path. His second was rolling into Shadow Valley on a search for answers. He had no plans to patch into another club, even one like the DAMC, and he certainly wasn’t looking for an ol’ lady. Especially a ball-buster like Diamond, who could singe the hair off a brother’s nuts with just a look.
DAMC born and bred, Diamond was ready to give up on becoming an ol’ lady until the heavily tattooed biker rolled into town on his Harley. Problem is, months later Slade’s still a mystery. He never talks about himself or his past, and Diamond wants answers. But she's not quite ready for what’s uncovered: secrets that could very well implode the club. It doesn’t just bring Slade’s loyalty into question, but forces Diamond to make a choice she doesn’t want to make. A choice that affects not only Slade, but the whole MC.

Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, some violence and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who like to take charge, this book is for you.


She wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth as he pushed his jeans over his hips and down his legs. He kicked them off and when he straightened her eyes fell to his cock, which was standing straight out from his body.
She was about to start singing “Happy Birthday” to herself.
She couldn’t pull her eyes away when he grabbed his hard-on and stroked it a couple times.
“Still waitin’,” he grumbled, snapping her into action.
She sank onto his bed and pulled off her high-heeled boots, throwing them across the small room. His eyes followed them as they smacked into the wall. He frowned as she tugged off her socks and threw them the same direction.
After standing up, she had her top and jeans off within seconds and thrown out of the way. Her breathing shallowed as she stood in her bra and panties before him, waiting for him to make the first move.
Because she couldn’t wait for his hands, his tongue, his lips to be on her, his cock inside her.
Yes. Happy, happy birthday to me.
They stood staring at each other and she wondered why he wasn’t moving. Even his hand had stilled on his cock. She questioned if he was even breathing.
“Slade,” she whispered.
Suddenly, she was knocked back onto the bed, all the air rushing from her lungs and he was over her, tearing at her bra and panties, ripping them off and tossing them over his shoulder.
Fuck, yes.
His fingers dove into her long hair and he ripped her head back, shoved his face into her neck and scrapped his teeth down her throat, down her chest until he latched roughly onto one of her nipples. He tugged it with his teeth before sucking it deep.
“Holy shit, yes,” she hissed, her eyes rolling back in her head as the pull of his mouth on her nipple made her core clench tight.
She bucked her hips beneath him, feeling his hard length pressing into her thigh, his hot, silky precum leaking onto her skin. She groaned into his mouth as he took it, shoving his tongue deep, reminding her who was the stronger of the two.
She tangled her tongue with his, challenging that notion. Then she bit his bottom lip and he jerked back, his eyes dark, his breath rapid as he stared down at her.
A slow smile crept over his face. “That’s it, give me some of that fight with my fuck.”
He wanted fight? He’d get it.
She slammed her palms into his chest and he shifted back from the impact. With a growl, he snagged her wrists and pinned them to the mattress and took her mouth once again, making sure she tasted the blood she drew. A groan bubbled up from deep at the back of her throat.
Releasing her mouth, he moved his way back down, biting and nipping her flesh as he went. After letting her wrists go, he snagged one nipple with his mouth and the other with his fingers, twisting it hard.
She whimpered and arched her neck, dragging her nails down his back, scoring his flesh. He made a noise against her breast but didn’t stop the intense attention he was giving them.
Wet and throbbing, her pussy clenched tightly as she dug her fingers into his ass and shifted beneath him. “Fuck me,” she groaned.
About the Author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today bestselling erotic romance author who loves an alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing. Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at or sign up for her newsletter:

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page:

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Quick & Reckless #xcerpt #billionaire #secretbaby #stepromance #bdsm coming July 29

Coming July 29th

Amazon and KU

Quick & Reckless

Book 3, A Quick Billionaires Novel
A steamy secret baby, step romance.

Sometimes being reckless can be a step in the right direction. 

Abandoned at the altar, humiliated in front of everyone she knows, Silver Belle (save the stripper jokes, she’s heard them all), flees her wedding determined to erase her ex-fiance from her memory. There’s a soul-mate for everyone? What a joke: there’s obviously none for her. She’s done with love. Done with doing the right thing. So when she meets Warren McAllister, a heart-stopping, drool-worthy Australian, she throws caution—and propriety to the wind—and makes him an outrageous proposal.

Warren’s always up for a challenge, so when a beautiful stranger in a poufy white dress dares him to join her for a weekend of passion to erase her past, he’s more than willing to sign up. Sex is just sex, after all. Only saying goodbye is harder than he expected, and he can’t seem to forget her, even after heading back to Tahiti for work. So when he returns a year later for his mother’s wedding, he’s excited to see Silver, ready for another tryst—and possibly even more.

Though their fling only lasted three days, Warren changed Silver, helped her, healed her. And he captured her heart. However, now she has secrets. Big “baby-sized” secrets that could destroy any possibility of a future together. She can only hope Warren will forgive her.

A fun and flirty with a hint of the dirty excerpt

“So, you want to get drunk and have me spank you? Tie you to the bed?”
She glanced down the length of her body to find him staring at her, patiently waiting for her answer. But what surprised her more was how rapidly her chest rose and fell. Her breathing was labored, as if she’d just done a hundred jumping jacks. She was turned on, and not because his head was between her thighs—because he talked about spanking her, and the idea made her hot.
Her head bobbed in a nod before she could stop it. “Yeah, I do. I want to get a little drunk and have you tie me up and spank me. I really do.”
He swept up between her folds with the flat of his tongue, and she nearly kneed him in the skull from the tingle that ripped through her. She thought he was going to dive in and go to town, but instead he pushed himself up to his feet, leaving her lying there on the couch, exposed and with her engine running.
“Well, then, I best go order dinner then. What’s your poison? Tequila? Whiskey? Anything you can recommend to mix with root beer?” He strolled over to where his phone sat on the small wooden breakfast table in the kitchenette. “Please tell me you’re not one of those freaky weirdos that likes pineapple on their pizza. I might have to end this affair right now.”
Closing her robe and sitting up, Silver rolled her eyes. “I’m pretty much good with whatever. But no, if given the choice, I don’t order pineapple on my pizza. Why? What do you Aussies like on your pizza?”
He frowned and shrugged. “Same as anyone else: kangaroo meat, sprinkled with eucalyptus leaves, topped with wombat's cheese. And if you can get it, platypus venom as a sauce. Though that can be a bit hard to come by when they’re not in season.”
Silver tossed her head back and laughed. God, it felt good to laugh. She hadn’t thought about Trent and Candy in ages, and even when she did, her heart didn’t hurt nearly as much as it had, because Warren was there to lift her spirits and make her smile. “Platypus venom, eh? Something tells me it would be spicy.”
He nodded but didn’t bother to look up from his screen. “Kind of like wasabi. Burns your nose right quick but then fades fast. You okay with ham, cheese, egg and onion?”
She wrinkled her nose. “Egg? Like scrambled egg? On a pizza?”
He nodded again. “Yeah, it’s amazing. But they do a fried egg. Scrambled would just be weird. But I’m not seeing fried egg as an option. You think I could request it for more money?”
The idea of a fried egg on a pizza did not sound appealing. Not in the least. She was about to protest and offer up the alternative of green peppers or olives when she caught the reflection of herself in the big window. She was smiling. Warren made her smile. He made her happy. She’d embraced this quick and reckless tryst with open arms, knowing it was exactly what she needed to wipe the memory of Trent and Candy from her mind and start making new memories, start healing. He was introducing her to amazing new things. Shouldn’t she embrace it all? Including the weird pizza toppings?
She huddled up next to him and rested her cheek against his arm. “Sounds weird, but I trust you. If you can find a place that will crack an egg into the middle of a pizza, I’ll try it.”
His grin made her thighs slick and her heart lurch in her chest. “That’s my girl. I love that you’re so open and willing to try new things.” Then his gaze grew avid, and his eyelids dropped to half-mast. “We’re going to make the most of our last night together and try all sorts of new things.”
She clutched his arm. “I can’t wait.”

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#Hotdad #Xcerpt Available NOW! A Single Dad firefighter BDSM Rom-com #NSFW

He's a firefighter, he's hot, he's single, he's HOT DAD and he's here to save the day, win your heart and put out a few fires along the way.



Since the moment I laid eyes on her I’ve wanted her.
But I wasn’t ready.
The kids were my world and my wounds were still raw.
For six months, I watched her from afar. Dreamed of her, lusted after her, fantasized…
But all that’s about to change. I’m finally ready to take the plunge and start dating again. And now that I know she’s single, I’m going to do this right and win Harper. I want her mind, I want her body, I want her heart.
And when she gives me all access, no limits, I know she’s the one for me.

He’s the one we all call Hot Dad at playgroup. The one who makes my knees weak and my panties wet every time he walks through the door. We all eye-fuck the bejesus out of him, and dream of his tongue between our legs.
But my kid is my world, and I’m a frumpy mom with a hole in the bum of her yoga pants. What could he ever see in me? So when Sam calls out of the blue, I’m stunned.
Now if only the kids can stop cock-blocking us, and his psycho ex would go away.
He’s turned out to be a master Dom and I’m willing and eager to be taught how to be the perfect little submissive.


I was sitting up in Harper’s bed looking around her room. It was a nice room. On the smaller side, but she’d managed to keep the furniture sparse but tasteful to make the room seem bigger. All the furniture was bright white, done in that new shabby chic style that seemed to be sweeping the nation. And the colors reflected those of the living room, lots of yellows and turquoise and white. It was bright and cheery, just like her. She’d heard a noise from Carly’s room so had ducked out to check on her, as well as turn off the television and grab us some water. My head shook and I smiled. I couldn’t get the image of her bound and moaning on the edge of the bed out of my head. She was just so responsive. And fucking tight, holy hell was she ever tight. My cock stirred beneath the sheet at the thought of her pussy gripping it like a fist. All hot and wet and—
“What’s got you smiling like that?”
I popped my head up from where I’d been staring at the slowly rising tent over my johnson to flash her a big smile. “You.”
She blushed a hard red but hid it with a melodic hum. “Mmm.”
She climbed onto the bed, flashing me a bit of leg through the slit of her baby blue satin thigh-high robe as she kneeled beside me and handed me a glass of water. I thanked her. “I can’t stop myself from smiling when I think about you and … what we just did, either.”
She slipped off the robe and let it fall to the floor before snuggling up next to me.
Taking a sip of my water, I studied her for a moment. Her hair was all mussed up from having been forced against the bed in one fashion or another, her eyes bright but also showing signs of fatigue, and those heart-shaped pouty lips of hers were puffy and a tad bruised. I hoped she had bruises elsewhere, like the inside of her thighs and maybe some red welts or lines on her gorgeous ass.
Her eyes glanced down to where my cock was standing at full attention now beneath the covers.
“Again?” she asked, her eyelids drooping to half-mast.
I put my water glass on her nightstand, took her glass and did the same. She was beneath me in seconds. I smoothed the hair back from her face. “I promised you hard and fast, slow and gentle, then any way you wanted it. Didn’t I?”
That tongue. As it darted out and ran between the seam of her swollen lips, I lunged forward and sucked it into my mouth. I devoured her startled gasp as I kneed her legs apart and ground my erection against her mound. I knew I’d hit her clit when a cry broke free from her lips.
“C-condom,” she stammered as her head tilted back against the pillow and she closed her eyes and thrust up into me.
“Not yet. Slow and gentle, remember? I plan to savor you.” I nuzzled her neck, allowing my mouth to travel languidly around her collarbone and chest, dropping warm, wet kisses over her searing hot skin. It was so soft, she was so soft. Curvy and feminine but also fit and muscular. She was all woman. Dipping my head, I drew a hard nipple into my mouth and sucked.
She inhaled. “Yesssss,” she hissed. “Oh God. Green.”
I chuckled. Such a good little submissive.
Shifting the tight bud to my teeth, I tugged up harder, clamping down just enough to cause a flash of pain to roll through her. She whimpered, but she didn’t tell me to stop. She smelled incredible, like sweat and sex and Harper, just a hint of spiced ginger. I inhaled her scent and released her sensitive nub from my teeth, running my nose up her neck. Her pulse beat quickly. I nipped her earlobe.
“Sam … ” she whispered as she ran her fingernails down my back and gripped my ass cheeks. “What if I don’t want slow and gentle?”
“I told you, whatever you want is next. Save the best for last. But right now I want to take my sweet time with your body. I want to run my tongue over every inch.” My lips drifted across her cheeks, and I pecked her on the nose. Hovering above her, I looked down into her beautiful golden-brown eyes. She blinked up at me in wonder. Smiling, I pecked her nose again. “I’ve been curious to find out if you had anything else pierced.”
A sassy smile caught on her lips, and she dug her nails harder into my ass. I flexed the cheeks, and we both laughed.
“I’ve thought about getting my tongue done, but I chicken out every time they bring out that giant needle. And as far my nipples or the other place,” her eyebrows shot up nearly to her hairline, “yikes!”
I rocked against her clit, and she pushed her hips up to meet me. “I’ve heard a clit piercing can make sex all the more pleasurable.”
Like the bloody Flash, her hand snaked its way between us, and she tugged on my shaft. “You get the head of this sucker pierced and I’ll pierce my clit. Deal?”
I kissed her nose piercing again. “Ah, I think this little stud is just right. No need to go poking holes in things that don’t need them.”
Her giggle was warm against my cheek. “Chicken.”
I pinched her nipple until she squeaked. “I’ll show you who’s a chicken, woman.” I grabbed her by the elbows and hauled her arms over her head, pinning her hands into the pillows with one of mine. I held her there and gazed down. Pink bloomed on her cheeks and hunger swirled in her eyes. One hard kiss on her lips, and I dipped my head again and tugged a nipple into my mouth. Gently, but not without pressure, I scissored my teeth back and forth across her flesh. She sucked in air as she wriggled beneath me. Soft and feminine whimpers escaped her as I continued on with my torture. I kept her in place and worshiped her body with my mouth. Kisses and nibbles, licks and pecks. I raked my teeth across her ribs and under the gentle swell of her breasts until she bowed her back, shut her eyes, clenched her jaw and let out a growl of frustration as her hips pressed up to meet mine. I pulled away, lingering just above her.
“Too slow and gentle for your liking?”
“Yes,” she panted. “Sam … we’ve been cock-blocked so much, don’t waste time. You never know when Carly is going to wake up.”
She had a point. But I didn’t want it to all be over, either.
“Please, sir … fuck me?” She fluttered those damn eyelashes at me like some sexy little schoolgirl, and my cock grew longer and thicker against my stomach. I glanced down between us, and a drop of pre-cum beaded on the head of my dick. She followed my gaze. “Can I lick it off?”
Oh hell yes. Releasing her hands, I pulled her up so she was sitting. I leaned back on my heels and grabbed the base of my shaft.
“Suck it, baby. Suck it hard. I’ve thought of nothing but your lips wrapped around my cock since our phone sex date. I want to feel the real thing.”
With big wide doll eyes, she parted her lips, taking me to the back of her throat. And then she started to hum.
The woman was fucking humming.
Oh dear lord. 

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